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  1. So my gf and I are expecting. We are in love and this will be each of ours first child. Both mid 30’s. She told me the baby is getting her last name. I understand since we aren’t married this is her right. But I feel disrespected and hurt by this. We’ve talked about marriage but even if we don’t work out I will always be there to raise our child. I’m just looking for advice if anybody’s been in this situation. The only time I’ve known a mother to do this is if the dad vanished/deadbeat. That I understand. I don’t think I deserve this. Nor does she. But the traditional thing to do is give it the fathers name I’m our situation. Thanks
  2. She has the money. Plus I’d be paying for everything. We did the low key hangout at her place last night. I’ve said the L word to her a few other times since the first time and she hasn’t responded back with it. She is not very big on ‘going out’. Wich I totally understand. Neither am I when I’m in a relationship. But I just figured she’d wanna be with me, rather then sit at home alone. It’s just disappointing in my eyes
  3. We are both in our mid 30’s. Been dating for 5 months and things are going great. I told her I love her and she said it back. My friends are going out on NYE and she doesn’t want to come with me. She’d rather just stay home. I do feel that I love her more then she does me in the relationship. She knows my friends as we went to hs together. This makes me feel bad that she doesn’t want to come. Like I said it’s our first New Years together and I’d think she’d wanna be with me. Is this a Red flag? Am I putting to much thought into this? Any advice would help thanks.
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