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  1. We are together for 3 years now, it was quick yes, we had to make some hard choices and to buy a house together was a risk we took but I am not regretting it at all. I am not concerned about financial and social aspects of it all. What I am concerned is how am I going to stop this snowball of assumptions and resentment
  2. Rosephase are you really trying to help people here or are you just throwing the message "Dump him" around? I have been checking your replies on other threads and you always say the same! People are not here to sick validation to leave their partners, people are here looking for help and for answers and you messages come across as immature and poisonous. Relationships are hard work and leave is not the answer to every problem! True love and a true connection is earned with time and patience and understanding, I am here trying to look for positive advise, not negative toxic words. You look l
  3. Thanks for your words. Yes I agree that he definitely needs to work on this anger, he really gets mad! I read a lot of articles about how assumptions can damage a relationship and I was shocked of how common this is. I will try to avoid making assumptions but it is hard because it is so deep in my personality, I studied art and creative writing so I am always profiling people and making them into little characters so yeah I guess I assume A LOTTT. But I honestly didn't realise how damaging this could be. I will try and hope things get better between us, again thank you all you guys are grea
  4. As hard as this may sound, she is right, do not loose time trying to be with someone that doesn't love you back. You are missing on your life and you are missing on someone that will love you more and better than this girl. Love yourself first and then love will come. Your heart will not be broken forever, you will heal I promise you. Move on, focus on yourself and you will feel much better
  5. He says that he is fedup of me assuming things and he needs me to change. I would like to change but it is hard, I do assume things too much and I need to work on my communication skills but its hard to communicate if someone starts screaming at you almost immediately.
  6. Me and my boyfriend met in London when both of us were working there. He is Italian and I am Portuguese. I was fairly happy with my life, I had a nice job that paid me well, I was saving a lot of money and was overall happy about my situation. My boyfriend and I lived together in a room in London, he was working in the same company as I but as a sales representative, his job was really tough and he was not happy about it all, he tried to get some desk jobs but because his English was not perfect he never handed up landing it. He was unhappy and I saw him losing motivation day by day, so I sta
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