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  1. Thank you. I honestly believe individuals with autism, children especially are the most wonderful :) It’s nice to hear it from someone else, as it’s very easy to superimpose our own communication style and emotions onto everyone else thinking it’s the same
  2. My boyfriend is a wonderful man who’s always respected me. We have been together for over a year & currently in a long distance relationship (both in different states) since the beginning of our relationship. We see each other roughly every 2-4 months. I love him very much and even though the distance is difficult at times, it would never jeopardise our relationship. However, he’s a doctor working 10-14 hour days and is always busy. We have never video called, rarely call, haven’t heard his voice in a month and we do aim to text everyday but his busy workload can affect that sometimes.
  3. 28 We see each other at least every month. He makes the effort and drives 600km
  4. I really love my boyfriend, we’ve together for nearly a year now and along the way we’ve had many complex situations to deal with that were inevitable and out of our control. He’s older then me and i’m about to turn 18 in the new year. However, he’s had some paranoia about the relationship, me being under age. For one, he can face legal issues if we’re discovered and secondly he doesn’t want my father to find out and kill me. However, up until recently, we basically did all things normal, talked on the phone (long distance relationship) and of course toned down intimacy (haven’t had sex ye
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