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  1. I’m fed up with being alone. I’ve only been in two relationships in my adult life, and both were extremely unhealthily. I have not so much as kissed a man in over four years, and I’ve never been taken on a date in my life. All I do is work and come home. I don’t know how to handle the pain of being unloved sometimes. I can’t truly fathom romance, or at least a man who would never dream to shove me to the ground or throw things at me. I try to live for everyone else. I try to become a better person by focusing outwardly with kindness towards others. However, late at night when I can’t fall asleep due to the deep empty ache in my chest...It is overwhelmingly difficult to think beyond anything else. 😔 I don’t know how to get out and meet people. I just know I am so tired of being scared and alone.
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