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  1. I know, I know, I'm very young still and I've got plenty of time, but the uncertainty of the future is making me feel anxious. I'm set to go off to college in Scotland very soon (I'm from Ireland), and I'm hoping that I'll be able to find someone soon. Problem is, I'm autistic and have social anxiety. I find it hard to make friends, never mind handle male attention/getting male attention. I just wanted to see if anyone had any advice for my situation. Should I be worried? Or will everything fall into place?
  2. Thanks so much, you are very understanding
  3. Okay, okay I understand what you're saying I'm not claiming to be a counsellor, I'm not trying to be one, I just wanted to help the two people I love the most For my own emotional wellbeing, I've already decided that I'm not getting involved anymore. Im just feeling sad about my feeling of helplessness and just wanted a bit of empathy. I'm also autistic and anxious, if you didn't already guess, so I have this annoying need for control and safety/security in my life. I've accepted that I can't do anything about it. Just to clarify, my dad isn't a bad person and isn't trying to turn me aga
  4. That's what I was thinking... But no, I'm not ganging up on her with him and no I don't have an 'electra complex' because I love my mother and Ive accepted that she's not a romantic person and I just want my dad to be happy. I told my dad to consider counselling but he just seems to have given up and that's what makes me upset. He said to me yesterday "I hope she changes because now our kids are starting to notice (including me)". I agree with most of what you guys are saying. I am moving to Scotland for college in a week so I'm definitely not gonna be at home a lot very soon (in response to f
  5. So I'm not a parent or a spouse, but I need some help with this because it's starting to upset me. Ive always noticed odd things about my parents. Well, my mum really. She's a fantastic mother, like I really couldn't ask for a better one, but it's like she doesn't even care about my dad. She's a very 'emotionless' person if that's the right word? I've only seen her cry maybe 3 times in 20 years? (I'm 20 haha). She talks to my dad about work and errands, basically in a very businesslike manner, like they're running a business or just coparenting. She never shows affection, save for a peck g
  6. Idk man maybe it's just my teen brain but they're genuinely not very nice people sometimes? Like one of them wouldn't talk to me for weeks because I forgot to buy glue sticks for a project? That's how jumpy they are sometimes and I feel like I have to be constantly on my guard? I don't wanna be scared of that kind of yknow
  7. Hey guys ☺ just need a little advice So I'm in my last year of secondary school (high school) and I've been friends with these two girls for about four years. One friend (who I may have regarded before as my best friend) is loud, rude and has commitment issues with friendships (you're like an old toy to her every two years basically), but somehow I just always feel the need to make it work because we have a lot of fun together? We make eachother laugh when the friendship is good and have intense political conversations. But whenever I try talking about my feelings (I usually say that I feel
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