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  1. This is a bit mental! Thank you for your comment it is quite sad for people to live like this and I am sorry I think deep down if you get all your validation or happiness from work it's a very lonely road.. I think it's a proper psychological problem as a way to cover deeper issues, this business was started by his dad and once I asked him in a parallel world what would he do and he said " Travel around, take photos, study biology" so it's a bit bittersweet in his case I think he is stuck but doesn't have this leadership or sucess desires ... Still it's no way to live.
  2. All and all my guy was telling me " he is playing with you" .. and I got a bit crazy every night waiting to see if he would stay over, every weekend hoping he would make plans to invite me over to his etc.. There are solutions I think, if you really want to be with someone but I think people like them want the good things of a relationship but without getting too involved that it could damage their job/productivity. And to me this is loud and clear playing with someone's feelings..
  3. Thank you, I don't really think I ever even had a say in it.. I also think workaholics are so controlling, he talked about trips together, the future, asked me constantly to trust him and just to let go, even when he knew the work was first. I would have liked to know this before I got involved, I knew he worked a lot but not to the level for it to harm his health. I am so sorry about your husband's friend, for his family having to live with the "what if...." must be so difficult.
  4. First you need to be kind to yourself, when we drink and sleep around we are only making the "problem" worst, and ironically the attention, compliments, from a stranger you don't care about are worthless.. The pressure we sometimes feel to drink because of it being supposedly fun or simply because it is how our friends catch up, makes it hard to stop drinking, I have wine like 3-4 times a week and a glass with a friend can turn into a bottle each.. I don't want to miss this either so what I recommend is what I am doing now, no hard liquor, stick to beer and have a coke or water in betwe
  5. I have felt exactly what you have felt word by word... my ex didn't have sex with me for 7 months and 3 years later told me the reason he was having issues with his mom and he plainly couldn't do it... I felt horrible, I cried my eyes out, my self-steem was non existant and the advice I can give to you today is to work on your selfsteem on your own, it hurts to sleep next to the person you love and not have intimacy but hey!, he doesn't define your self worth, and sometimes taking the weight off what is happening and you just are your wonderful you, the one he fell for.. For men sex ca
  6. Don't! I tell you from experience it might even make her unconfortable, she won't know how to answer either, if to reply or not.. send her good vibes, have a glass of wine in her name and like Capricorn3 just said, time to move on too, sometimes we miss the "being with someone" more than the person itself, she is a different person as well now I am sure..it's hard to come to terms that what we once had will never be, but hey! there are so many other good things out there.. good luck!
  7. I fell in love once and got married, after this marriage failed I realized there are two types of love, the young ideal one and the mature one where perhaps there are not that many butterflies but there are adult discussions about many topics. After being single for 5 years I met a guy that I liked, used the tools from my previous failure and told him about my trust issues and how it terrifies me to have another relationship. So we began dating, he was so understanding, so many little details he was and still is someone I see having a proper adult relationship with. After 3 months dat
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