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  1. It so weird coming back and reading these almost 2 year on. Things do get easier and you do move on to anyone reading this :)
  2. Don't wait. Move on. And ex is an ex for a reason :)
  3. Hello everyone. If you'd like to go back and read my previous posts. Nearly a year ago my ex broke up with me after a year long relationship. The relationship was very toxic and It brought me down a lot which I was blind too at the time, but at the time I believe that was what love was so I was heart broken. Over the past year I I have recovered, slowly but surely. I dated other men and nothing felt right for the first few months. I missed him too much (god knows why). I would contact him a lot for the first few months, I even slept with him on 2 separate occasions. But then one day, after hearing he had a new girlfriend and had been with her since a month after we broke up (yes he had cheated on her with me) I woke up. I realised I didn't deserve this anymore, and he wasn't what I wanted and what we had wasn't love but more of a fear of being alone. I then spent the next 4 months learning to love myself and my own company again. And by god was it fun. I dated casually and had fun with the girls and lost a lot of weight and got my life on track. I still hear the ex saying things about me to other people, and at the beginning it used to bother and upset me. Now I just smile and wave as all the important people in my life know the truth and that's so that matters. Then on new years day on a night out with my friends I met a boy. An amazing boy. And things are so good. I finally can see how I deserve to be treated and what I want from a man as he gives it to me every day. I know it's still early days, but we're nearly 4 months in now and by this point me and ex had already had our first split and me and my new partner haven't even argued yet. It's amazing. I wanted to post this to show everyone in pain that it does get better with time. And your prince or princess is around the corner, I think this one is mine 😁 Thank you everyone for supporting and giving advice, this site helped me a lot to know i wasnt alone. Big hugs to you all S
  4. There's a reason why you ended. Block him and stay away, for your own sake to move on
  5. Well my ex tried to run me over last night. Me and mate was about to cross the road and he literally came out of nowhere, speeding and nearly knocked us down. I dunno what to do about this?
  6. Well my friend decided to tell her that he cheated on her. He denied it obviously, but at least she's been warned. Anyway, feeling really good and enjoying things atm
  7. Stayed strong.Feel really proud of myself. Itll come out one day what a lier and cheater he is anyway, and i dont wanna come across as the physco ex right now
  8. I really wanna contact him and ask ... but i know i shouldnt. Help!
  9. Struggling today. I slept with my ex last month sometime. Now ive found out he has been with his new girlfriend since june... i dunno what to do about that. I feel bad for her and feel awful that hed cheat on someone... involving me aswell
  10. So im 21 days no contact and i feel great! I think i just had a slight relapse with the sadness, but it only lasted a few days and im feeling fantastic again. Weight loss is going good nearly 1 and half stone now! And ive started swimming twice or three times a week its great. I do think of him, but not in a "i need you" sort of way anymore because i cant believe all the amazing things ive achieved now hes out of my life. Im training for mangers role in work soon, though im not dating seriously i do like one guy but taking it extremly slowly. when people tell me how bad his new relationship is i cant help but think "you made your bed now lie in it" Its fan-bloody-tastic Heres to better things girls 😁
  11. I know exactly how i feel. Everyone around me seems to be starting life and falling in love and enjoying everything. While i feel stuck here, unloveable. But on a good note this is the longest I've gone from either contacting him pr him contacting me. Woohoo And I feel a million times better already
  12. It's been 2 weeks no contact now. I have seen him out and aboit and made the decision to not go places he might be anymore. I feel a lot better and keep remembering the bad things he done to keep me strong. Thank you so much for your advice girls. How are you both doing?
  13. And the thing is I've done so good moving on. Then we get back in touch cause he's down about his granch and just ruins all the progress I've made with lies. I really want to concentrate on myself but I just can't stick the loneliness I feel
  14. It's been a while since I posted. Ex has a new girlfriend. Honestly it's been like 4 months since we broke up and I still think of him every damn day and it drives me insane. Seeing him out happy with her kills me. I last spoke to him around 2 weeks ago. And 3 weeks ago we did sleep together -.- I fell for his words again so this relationship is new and it's killing me. I feel so lonely, and unwanted. I've tried dating, new friends, losing weight (still on going) but nothing can fill this hole I feel inside and I really don't know what to do
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