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  1. Should be upset? Should I keep forgiving her over & over again?
  2. A long time online friend does things to get attention I think when she is bored etc She keeps posting this one picture of herself saying she upset & crying at least once a week off & on this year.she posts it on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.Plus she complains nobody likes her.blocks people than an hour later unblocks people.than complains when nobody responds to her.also kept posting the same picture of her crying all over social media when a online friend died a few months ago.same online friend she keeps saying she misses she hadn't said anything to her in months.is obsessed wi
  3. So tired of trusting people & then being stabbed in the back.last so called friend talked behind my back to someone I could not stand.so now I just pretty much say screw it I'd rather be alone.but late at night I feel all alone on my apartment & wish I had friends to hang out with
  4. I just can not keep friends no matter how nice I am.but I find most of my ex friends where all about themselves.they would never remember my birthday.they would only talk to me when they needed something.i got called nasty names by several people.now I am scared to make new friends.i isolate myself & could go days before I go outside
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