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  1. If you think making assumptions on my relationship and sexual health isn’t judgemental then you’re deluded. Thanks for proving that this forum isn’t really a safe zone and actually a place to point the finger. Completely puff off using this again. So yeah I’m done. Thanks.
  2. Advice I’m grateful to get but seems a little unnecessary for anyone to comment on my relationship and sexual health when it genuinely has nothing to do with my cold. And it’s ironic that you would call the way I responded as ‘trolling’ bizarre really. Tbh it’s put me off using this forum again.
  3. Life without her will go on and you will be okay. Just remember that time heals all wounds, focus on youself and making yourself happy. Going for a married woman isn’t going to make you feel better. Look after youself.
  4. Honestly don’t sweat it. Everyone’s is different with messaging. He could be busy or easily distracted and some people aren’t always on their phones. I can understand it can be annoying but try not to let these kind of things get to you, if he’s a good boyfriend and makes you happy generally that all that matters!
  5. This sounds horrendously toxic. I don’t think ever starting a relationship through cheating is going to result in a successful one. Don’t stick with the wrong person because you don’t want to be alone. Things work out the way they should, don’t force things that aren’t right.
  6. The times I’ve been to docs they have just checked my throat, nose, ears, chest, the usual stuff and just say it’s an upper respiratory tract infection. They haven’t flagged my symptoms as anything serious tbh. And it probably isn’t. It’s just so frustrating feeling like this every day because I know it’s not normal. Thank you! I hope you don’t deal with any form of fatigue anymore!
  7. While I understand some of your judgement because of my previous posts, my partner has had loads of support for his addiction and has been clean for 4 months now. Nor has he ever cheated on me, so that kind of judgement is both nasty and uncalled for. Yes it’s hard because he’s not working but he’s been at doctors continually about the ongoing headaches. So while money wise I can get stressed, home life is generally good! I understand that this forum is used to advice but I was asking for advice about my illness not judgments on my relationship which this post isn’t about.
  8. Haha I’m always on the green tea. It’s horrible feeling so exhausted all the time, I know exactly what it’s like! I hope you feel better soon.
  9. Thank you everyone for your advice and help.
  10. I’ve seen 2, the third time I was at the doctors it was for the blood test. As well as speaking to a pharmacist. I have this habit of always feeling like I’m wasting doctors time as it’s only a cold and I’m just told it’s a virus so you have to wait for your body to fight it off. But it’s just gone on for so long and I feel exhausted even after a good nights sleep.
  11. I did speak to a pharmacist inbetween appointments as it’s a challenge getting one unless it’s urgent in the uk. He did say I should take antihistamines which I did every day for 3 weeks and didn’t see a difference so I stopped. Might be worth taking again, I’ll try anything at this point!
  12. Hi guys, Just looking to see if anyone has any advice. I’ve honestly had a snotty cold/body aches/fatigue since the end of October. I’ve had antibotics that made no difference, then I came back and was told ‘you’re stressed and that’s why you aren’t getting better’ by a doctors but they agreed to do a blood test. I’m low in vitamin D so for the last 6 weeks I’ve been on some supplements and some liquid capsules. It’s not made any difference to the cold and it’s really getting to me, I constantly feel exhausted and it’s making me feel very depressed. I’m having vitamins, drinking lots of water/green tea, I go on long walks to exercise even though I feel so tired and try to eat a good diet. I just don’t know what to do anymore, I’ve been taking days off work as holiday because I feel bad for having time off work for a cold but I feel so rubbish and it’s gone on for so long now I just don’t see the end. I’m the sole income in my household because I have a partner with a chronic illness so I need to be healthy and feeling good at work. Anyone experienced something similar?
  13. I had a best friend who I had known since I was a baby. Throughout school years she would ignore me at school with her being the ‘cool’ girls and myself being just normal maybe more on the nerdy side. But at home we were close and we grew up together. When I became single at 21 me and her became close again, spent weekends getting drunk and having sleepovers. She’s always been a demanding friend, expecting lifts everywhere and using me when she could. Over the last 6 years we’ve had a few small arguments, always revolving around me not getting involved with her drama or arguments with other people. I then grew up a bit, moved out with my boyfriend, moved 20 mins from my home town, got a cat, an ‘adult’ job. She continued to be demanding expecting for me to come and see her once a week without her ever making her way to mine. I work long hours and I’m always exhausted so I struggled to keep up to her demands. She’s never been a fan of my boyfriend but then again none of my friends or family have been a fan of her due to her behaviour. You probably ask why I would friends with someone like that but she was always consistent and loyal to me, always there for me and underneath the crap could be a lovely, supportive friend. I loved her despite her flaws. Anyway last year she just decided to stop being friends with me. I would message to see how she was and she would be short with me. Months went on and I confronted her about her behaviour and change in attitude, she said that we had drifted apart and that was that. I tried to meet up or check in with her several times but I just got the same Luke warm responses. I was just grasping at straws. So in October I gave up. I just stopped trying and I haven’t heard from her since. It’s pathetic but she was my best friend and for her to turn her back on me so swiftly has been heartbreaking. I have friends I don’t see for months and we chat and it’s all good. I suppose I’m using this forum for an outlet of the upset. She’s posted about friends that she used to about to me on social media, buying them lavish presents. She’s always been the popular one, skinny and beautiful and I’ve always been the funny best friend. I’m sitting here questioning why I wasn’t good enough to keep around? I struggle to not see this as a reflection on my self worth.
  14. RedDress, I do understand your stance on this but equally I am very happy and if I felt at any point I was acting as his therapist or doctor I wouldn't be with him. Obviously it's easier to leave someone with mental health issues but we do have a healthy relationship and spend every day laughing and creating happy memories. We just want a cure for his tension headaches so he can provide for his half of bills, he enjoys working and 95% of the time is but he does have these headaches which cause him to take time off. I just hope you can understand that not all relationships that include mental health issues are the same.
  15. Thanks for your response. He says it's like pressure in his head and it goes around the eyes, he can get dizzy but not very sensitive to light or noise. I queried if it was migraines for a while but we've seen doctors about it several times and been told they are tension headaches. He can have stomach issues but I know that can be a sign of anxiety as well. The problem is the headaches can go on for days, it's horrible seeing him in so much pain. Never visited a Neurologist or had an brain scans. His field of work is very physical so he it's not like he's sitting around a lot but his breaks in between work could be boosted. Yeah I don't understand the different medications he's on so maybe a different combination could be more effective for him! Luckily my dad has been supportive through this time but what we all want is to find a way of solving the issue so he feels okay and can stay in work.
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