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  1. Swetheart, don't be embarrassed. Screw them all. Chances are one of his friends is the one who pooped and he's the one who spread the rumour about u. People keep talking about things then forget all about it in a couple of days. Trust me this will all be over before you know it. So let it go and don't give a damn about anyone. Even if you're the one who did it, you're still an awesome badass. Keep your head up gorgeous. If someone ever mentions this just laugh it off.
  2. What's going on with me? I'm having a very tough time lately. My confidence is at its lowest and my selfesteem doesn't even exist anymore. I'm becoming more and more socially anxious lately and it's getting out if control. I used to be very confident, i felt beautiful and smart and badass. And although I went through alot in 2016/2017 but I always managed to pick myself up and grow stronger and better after every break down. This time it doesn't seem to be going to stop. I feel very anxious. Depressed. Lazy. Weak. And I could swear my IQ dropped. I feel ugly and stupid and I'm developing s
  3. Oh god It's been such a long long long tough day I'm so tired. Both physically and mentally. Everything in my life has been a total mess recently. Usually I'm a tough person. I go through hell and come back burning with strength. I handle things with an optimistic perspective. This time i just can't find that strength in me. I lost all my self confidence. I feel embarrassed and humiliated. I feel like a total failure. Am not getting anywhere near what i want. If anything, am actually going further away from that. So tired of myself, so tired of trying. So tired of dreaming. So tired o
  4. I know. I know it's all wrong. I know that one should just be themselves no matter what. That I shouldn't seek validation from others nor should I try to make people like me. I know it all. But I just can't help it. I always catch myself trying to get attention and trying so hard to show how cool I am and like that. I really wanna change. I wanna be confident and spontaneous and just don't give a damn what others will think of me. I want ro be a fun girl who's living her life by her own rules not others. But still, although i know all of that, i atoll catch myself trying way too
  5. Today was kind of a breaking point to me. During my childhood, I grew up feeling less than others, less beautiful, less smart, less important, less interesting .. etc I have the most loving family in the world, but in school and occasionally at home I always felt rather ignored, am always the one made fun of when she talks, the one with nothing interesting to say, the fake one who's trying to be more than what she is, the one who doesn't know when or what to say, the ugly nerd who isn't so cool to hang out with .. etc This left me with zero confidence. Now I'm 23 and for the past 5 years I
  6. Maybe some of you don't really care about religious differences, neither do I actually, but I live in a society that gives a huge damn to this. In my country people of different religions live in perfect harmony, however, when it comes to romantic relationships and marriage, it's a huge deal. So there's this guy that I like, that i really really like and click with. Am not the kind to fall for guys easily, but this one is just everything i've ever wanted. I have this mental, emotional and physical attraction towards him and I believe he does too but we never did anything about it. I think w
  7. You guys have no idea how much this helped. It really warms my heart that you took the time to read this and respond with such enlightening words. This truly helped. Thank you so much. I guess that it's true that sometimes short relationships ending abruptly hurts even more than long term ones ending gradually. We live together with parents but he will be leaving soon to his work where he will be alonr most of the time which makes me even more worried. Me and mom are doing our best to support him right now. I will definitely break it down to him that he needs professional help and that it may
  8. I know we're different, i know we react differently to heartbreaks, but my brother is kinda overreacting. He wasn't even in a relationship, he dated this girl online for 2 months (didn't even talk everyday cuz both were really busy) they texted and phone called each other whenever possible. Then they met and soon the girl started ignoring him and his texts and phone calls and all. He is completely devastated now. Like he is 28 and am 24. I have known him all these years bs NEVER EVER saw him like that !!! He is depressed like never before, he has the same reaction as a guy whose 6 years gf
  9. My big brother (29 years) fell in love for the first time in his life a couple of months earlier. He had a happy relationship then his gf left him all of a sudden. He is such a sensitive person, like I've always known him as a tough guy but he has this soft sensitive side of him and i can't brlieve how deep it turned out to be. I know what it means to be heartbroken, i know how terrible it feels to be dumped, i've been there and i moved on, stronger than ever. it taught me alot and now i couldn't be more thankful. However, my brother is not that kind of person, he's an overthinker and
  10. He is everything I've ever wanted in a guy. I REALLY like him. I enjoy his company and pur dates are quite fun. The problem is, I don't feel anything, something is missing, this chemistry am looking for is not there. We don't get along and we don't share the same interests. I enjoy his presence and I don't want to stop seeing him. Yet i don't see this going anywhere and I really have to stop seeing is. Now why does this feel so bad? Why do i feel terrible about it, i don't feel guilty that I won't see him, i feel bad when I think about the idea that I may not see him again or have our ear
  11. I really like this man. I really like spending time with him. I laugh and have a very beautiful time and i get generally charmed by his presence. However, I get turned off when I remember his appearance and how I still haven't felt that *thing* that am waiting to feel for someone whom I wanna have a long term relationship with. He is a bit overweight (not much but yeah), I'm an athletic person and call me superficial these stuff kinda matter to me. Am not sure if that's quite a reason to end things with someone. I had a crush on him for a long time before he asked me out. When we started da
  12. Had a crush on him for a very long time but he didn't even know I exist. He is heartbreakingly intelligent and funny and I was extremely attracted to him. Added him on FB but never talked. I am kind of a writer and I play the piano so he started liking my posts and videos and one time he sent me a message then we started talking but still not much. Started talking abit more in real life then he asked me out. We went on 4 dates and all were kinda short because we're both busy with work and stuff. But i had so much fun sitting with him talking and laughing. Now the problem is, he is starting
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