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  1. 3 years ago.. couple months back I almost died..someone attempted murder on me..they used all there force into them to snap my neck.. I survived unfortunately. Sometimes I wish I didn't. Going through so much pain from my neck to my spine back to my headaches. I feel stuck, hurt, scared, I feel traumatized. I can't stop thinking about it. It replays in my head like it just happened yesterday. How can I move past something like this?
  2. I have this sister in law.. in the beginning of our relationship was amazing, we would talk everyday , tell each other everything, smoke together, go out & all. Few months later.. she stopped talking to me.. she barely even says Hi & always hanging out w my boyfriends brother girlfriend.. in the beginning she said she don't like her , always spoke about her.. now there like best friends & she only speaks to me when she wants me to drive her car or to go out.. what do you call this..? What should I do?? Should I distance myself?
  3. Honestly I just think she low key wants you but probably scared to tell you she's into females
  4. As "people" I meant profession help. There was one I trusted with all my heart, I told her everything, she knew me so well. All of a sudden she had to change her position , she was no longer doing individual therapy. After that I couldn't talk to anyone else
  5. I've tried talking to people, started taking meds. Made me feel even worse. Talking doesn't really work for me.. trust issues are bad.
  6. I do I approach a female by asking them if I can pleasure them without any strings attached.. no feelings what's so ever.. not a lot of females are open to get pleasured.. I don't want it to make it seem like I'm a "nasty" girl or anything cus I'm not, I just crave it sometimes. Any advice?
  7. I'm physically & mentally tired now. I've been holding strong for 14 years dealing with depression. About 2 weeks ago I've been nothing but thinking about ways to end my life. I don't want to be here anymore, I've beg God to take me. I've tired multiple times taking my own life before but none of them seem to just work for me. I don't want to end up in a psych bcus I'm not crazy. I'm just a 22 year old female who deals with major childhood depression , major anxiety , to much anger in my heart & I give up !!
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    Where is this office located ? I am 23 years old
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    Exactly. If only I have my mom & my dad the whole time, I don't think I would be the way I am. I felt double the abandonment. I've always felt like this , I was going to therapy in my foster agency but as soon as I left I never went again. Now my mom just yells at me to get help. & she never asked for help through school. Relationship with my family not so good at all. Since young days. My mom & dad was never there. I have other siblings. I can't talk to neither one of them, I grew up not liking them at all. If I needed help with school hw they would yell through it all. Growing up
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    I was adopted when I was 7 years old. I was a little girl when everything & court was going on. would never forget. Ever! I thought it would be a normal day when she called me to the front of the class. She announced that I was adopted, my mom is not my real mom & my name is not ...anymore. I'm all confused , I got home & I told my mom about that. She got so upset she went up to the school. Unfortunately she still had her job. I was so young & so confused , I looked up what she was talking about & it turned my life upside down. Till today I deal with anger in my heart, I'm
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    I'm turning 23 soon. & ive tried talking to someone but all they put me on is medication which makes me feel worse
  12. rnicole94


    I have talked to someone but all they do is put me into medication that makes me feel even worse
  13. Hello, I also deal with pure anger into my heart. It sounds like something happened during childhood. He's just so angry about. Therapy helps sometimes. But praying to God helps even better. Pray for your husband so he can heal, take all this anger out, go to church. Tell God you need him. Trust me it helps! & ive been dealing with it for 14 years, im now 22yrs.
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