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  1. Hermes. Oh nice, really good eye, you caught a typo in there! English isn't my first language, so I work hard to discriminate between my modal verbs so people can understand me haha. I have to be careful when I get lazy. Actually, the word "allowed" is supposed to be "would allow". Generally when these personal egg-shell topics come up, I tend to speak in the theoretical. They weren't upset at my bf's behavior, but rather my lack of reaction to such a situation should it ever occur. In fact, my bf didn't come up in conversation at all besides in the hypothetical (i.e "You really think that way ? So it wouldn't bother you if he did this?" "Nope, not really") I should've made more clear that the topic of porn was actually the subject of conversation, not him. I just included some more information about him so it would feel more relevant to relationship questions on the thread. Thanks for your insight !
  2. Yep, you're getting warmer. And I'm weird too because I don't care what people think, but why they think. I think my bf may be the only exception to that rule
  3. Sorry for responding late to your question. Accidentally spilled my PSL all over my keyboard.
  4. Thanks for the reply. I was hoping though that there were reasons behind their thinking, and I cant seem to figure it out. I'm under the impression that a lot of girls my age think the way my friends do. They made it seem normal, but were unable to explain why. They would say that it is wrong simply because it is, or that it would be detrimental to their relationships. But what would cause the detriment? What exactly would the risk be, if any?
  5. I don't "check in" on his browsing history, displaying history is a function of tabs on chrome. If it helps to know, I'm a coder so not only do I know my way around a computer but more importantly I'm a huge advocate on privacy, and I have way too much respect for him to make him feel threatened around his computer. Violating his security in any way whatsoever or even giving an indication of it: Manually checking his browsing habits (something that would be accomplished with a freaking MItB) or even playing "harmless pranks" on his stuff is a moral issue of mine. I don't tamper, I don't pry, it's a personal rule of mine. Any time we are on his computer, everything we do together is overt. His life isn't a penetration test. He shows me only what he feels comfortable showing me. Thanks for answering my question, your answer was really thought out.
  6. That's jumping the gun. Probably should've made this more clear. I don't discuss what we do behind close doors. This should've been obvious due to the lack of content in my question. I simply told them that it's not something I minded. Basically the same amount of information about our lives was given on this forum as well as off of it. It's pretty awful that you came to this conclusion and you never even answered my questions. I am clearly "consulting for viewpoints". There is anonymity, all you know is that he watches porn and I allow it. Which is pretty much the standard population, I assume. But I don't know, because you haven't answered my questions.
  7. No, I don't touch his things, and I don't pry into his stuff. I simply happen to notice when I come over, everytime he opens a new tab in chrome to search movies or restaurants, we can see all the sites he has visited. Usually, from two months prior, the page was empty, meaning the cache has been cleared. He never feels the need to go into incognito. Whatever, no big deal. I'm big on privacy. But thanks for answering my questions
  8. They were seriously appalled. Kinda weird
  9. My bf and I have been in relationship for 5 months. I told him upfront, practically as soon as we got together, that the idea of him watching porn doesn't bother me, unless it's something questionable like gay porn or illegal. Everything else is fine by me and that he shouldn't feel compelled to clear his browser history when I'm around. It took three solid months before he felt comfortable enough to stop deleting his browser history, an awfully long amount of time which seemed kind of strange at the time. But whatever. Low and behold nothing changed, the earth didn't implode and never will. So fast-forward a week and I was talking with my girlfriends and when the subject of porn came up as it somehow does, it was really clear that the idea of their bfs jerking off to porn when they're not around is somewhat akin to the act of kicking a small puppy, completely unacceptable. They were shocked and appalled to learn that I allowed this kind of behavior. At that point it was really clear why he didn't exactly take my word right away. So for you girls and guys out there, would the idea of your SO getting off to porn upset you? Do they allow you to watch it? Also, why would girls be so against it?
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