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  1. To all of those asking why i care, I guess i care because he's my friend and i obviously care about what's going on in his life as i would about all of my friends. My conclusion is that i'm such a typical female who's overthinking everything and i should just relax. ps. @Clinton hahaha your post made me laugh really hard 😂😂😂
  2. I have this friend and he recently deleted all of his social media profiles. Everything, even his facebook account. It was completely out of the blue and when we asked him why he didn't give any clear answers. A few days later grabbed some coffee w another friend of ours and he told her he deleted everything bc of some personal reasons and it seemed normal bc he does those kind of things. Well today me him and 2 of my guy friends went out. One of them asked him why he did it he said bc he got bored of them and there are didferent ways to communicate he doesn't need social media accounts and
  3. 1) it doesn't really determine my whole future just a huge part of it. And yes it sucks because i'm a reckless teen like every other 16-year-old i'm not able to make huge desicions at this point in my life. 2) If i eg chooce practical studies and then i decide i dont like it i can switch up next year but that would be very dumb of me to do since i would have to study double as much as everyone else who was there from the beginning because i'd need to cover up one whole year of studying 3)i have no idea why the people who made the system like that think that being a phychologist doesn't a
  4. Universities here are free. As i explained in my previous post at the end of 12th grade we take those huge exams and they're really difficult and those grades determine which uni we get into.
  5. My grades now won't affect what college i'll get into. At the end of 12th grade i'll take exams and if i do good i'll get into a decent college. They are really difficult and with subjects like algebra it's very uncertain if i'll do good. At least if i pick theoretical studies i'll kind of know what to expect.
  6. So, i'm 16 and i live in greece. At this point in my education i have to choose for the last 2 years of high school between theoretical studies (classes like history, literature, latin, ancient greek etc) and practical studies (classes like maths, physics, chemistry, biology etc). It's a very important decision because if i chooce theoretical studies i'll have to pick a major in college like law, psychology, archaeologist and anything that has to do with those classes and if i choose practical studies i'll have to pick a major like chemist, doctor, biologist etc. i love maths and physics an
  7. What do you think i should do to take the power she has back? Can i show him that i'm not just her shadow and that i am or at least can be as close to him as she is or maybe even closer?
  8. I was so hesitant to tell her that i like this guy. I guess i should have heard my gut. I just thought that it'd be better and that maybe he might have told her something about me but since he's really shy and just not the kind of person to open up about stuff like that i was so stupid to even think that. Anyway thank you for your advice i'll try to do what you've told me even thought getting over him is easier said than done. -ellen
  9. I obviously dont think she's responsible but i just thought it would be nice to have someone who has my back. I guess i was wrong.
  10. Blame what on my friend? Im not blaming her for anything i didnt say anything is her fault. And i am making moves but i thought since she knows him better and since he listens to her she'd help me out. I have asked him out myself and we did go out but that's not the reason why i made this thread in the first place.
  11. So, I have a crush on a guy (there's more of that on my other thread) and we're friends because of my best friend since she knows him for many years. Since she's the one that whenever we go out invites him i expected ever since i told her i'm into him she'd help me and invite him more to go out and stuff like that. But i was wrong and it was the opposite. I asked her many times to tell him to come with us when we go out but every time she has an excuse she either has a lot of stuff to do or she has to study or she's mad at him and other lame excuses that never bothered her before. I'm not sure
  12. Thank you for your help
  13. Well when he said it he didnt say it at me. It was way before i started liking him and me him and 2 of our friends were talking about past relationship and someone asked him who made the first move and he said that he never makes the first move. why would he lie about something like that? Idk i'm just very confused because i dont think i can get over him easily. I see him every day so it wont be easy.
  14. But he wasn't gonna ask me out wether he liked me or not. he never makes the first move.
  15. Exactly i dont want to risk anything. And that's exactly why i've been trying to decode his body language and the way he treats me to see if risking everything is worth it. But there's always the "what if he's just being polite?".
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