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  1. i would never ever ruin someones life over it, i just wanted to know if what happened to me was considered rape, so i could maybe get some help understanding the situations. I honestly think that being blacked out drunk and then going to court is dumb, i am focusing on me not them.
  2. I'm a sophmore in college, and pretty shy. I joined a sorority and adopted a party girl attitude because drinking gave me confidence. never drank before college, so i have found myself in some terribly dangerous situations. I really need some advice though... for the past two years i have been blowing off the seven cases of "rape" where I was so drunk I was either immobile, puking, and most definitely blacked out. Each story is very similar... end up blacked out, wake up in the guys bed or am told we had sex. All these guys are people I wouldn't have sex with sober, and its terrifying to
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