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  1. Thanks everyone, it sounds like you all read her actions the same way I did. I'm so done with flakes, even though this girl is attractive I just don't want to waste the time. I'll send her a text tomorrow telling her we can try it another time. Glad you liked that Zaphod I'm always trying to come up with fun date ideas and I kind of had trouble this time. Haha, I'll bring my leather jacket and switchblade comb too. On a serious note, I have serious trouble meeting women I like. I work in an all male industry, computer geeks everywhere. Match has been where my dates come from but the
  2. Hi everyone, I've got an easy one this time. I was written by a woman on Match who lived on the other side of the country from me three weeks ago. She simply said hello and introduced herself with a smiley face. Shes quite beautiful and works as a part-time model (I suspected a catfish and looked her up on Facebook, shes real, full profile and everything matches her story). Long story short, she moved to my city with her mother and sister two weeks ago and has been sending me casual yet aimless friendly texts. I've been friendly, charming, and scarce. I have barely initiated contact with h
  3. I completely understand what you're saying here but if I put myself in her shoes... I would feel bad for what I did. I would want to make it up to the person I cancelled on and I would make absolutely sure that I keep my word going forward. I would apologize immediately and assure the person that it won't happen again. That is not what she did.
  4. notalady, you nailed it. I'm so glad there are other decent people in this world I can relate to. Phew! Yes, she was over an hour and a half late at that point and she did nothing to let me know it. I had to call and text her before she informed me she got a flat tire (which my instincts tell me is a lie). And yes, I was trying to remain indifferent and simply communicate to her that she needs to respect me and my time. I'm only interested in seeing her if there is mutual respect and shes showing me more and more that there isn't. I did not intend to show any hostility with my last text. I
  5. Thank you everyone, you guys are awesome. I appreciate your insight! I agree with pretty much everything said. Although, I have to say, she was the one who wanted my attention when things started out. She showed super high interest and sent me a text after our first date telling me she really liked me and hopes the feeling is mutual. If I had to guess, shes afraid of commitment or found another dude randomly at some point. But then again, why is she on Match all day long now? Doesn't matter, just thinking out loud. Thank you all, your input acted like a much needed reality check. I keep feelin
  6. I completely agree, thanks for your input. To answer your question, what she meant is that in two weeks her show would end. Then she would finally have time for me. That is actually tomorrow, we made plans weeks ago to visit Universal Studios for Halloween Horror Nights tomorrow I still haven't heard anything from her. I guess those plans are cancelled. Thanks again.
  7. Me: Male 29 year old professional 3d artist old-fashioned conservative type holds doors for women buys flowers, etc. not a pushover Her: 27 year old school teacher a little geeky Theater actress pretty blonde who plays lead roles in local theater has a somewhat immature side - she becomes loud and swears like a sailor in front of her fellow actor friends/crew I'm looking for your interpretations/opinions about a girl I met on Match in early July. We'll call her B. She winked and liked my pictures as well as made me a favorite all at once. Showing lots of promise right off the
  8. crowleysgirl, I really appreciate your input. Yes, I'm certainly wasting brain power on her, admittedly. I'm a computer graphics artist and I spend plenty of time alone working, my mind tends to wander. It has become very difficult to focus on my work when I'm experiencing this severe heartache. I do agree with what you said about people never changing. I don't see her having any major revelations anytime soon unless she seeks therapy. She has great parents, very nice folks. As far as I can tell, a picturesque childhood with a big family. I used to wonder what caused her to be like this.
  9. Sarah, your post was actually reassuring to read as that's all I could come up with myself. I knew there was something wrong with her after a few months with her because she never shared anything personal with me. Everything was so cordial and superficial. There was no honey moon stage after the first two weeks or so. She found all kinds of ways to put distance between us, avoiding intimacy and I felt like there was always a convenient distraction nearby so she could avoid emotional intimacy. When I kissed her for the first time in her living room, we were mid kiss when she reached into the co
  10. You don't think so? You seem quite sure. I've had the same thought. It seems pretty unusual for her age and I thought at the time, that she just hasn't dated a good man (me) yet. I tried very hard to get her to open up and share something personal with me but she kept telling me that what I saw was all there was to her, pink high heels and goofing around. So frustrating.
  11. Oh, sorry, I should have used a quote. I was referring to Hollyj's, "Pam Anderson and Dolly Parton are her heroes??????" when I said that. The initial reaction is usually something like "What the heck?? This girl is a weirdo!" You'd probably like her if you met her. Yes, her actions aren't so endearing, I agree. crowleysgirl, I'm glad to read you came to the same conclusion I did. Serious intimacy issues. I did a lot of reading, I think she is emotionally unavailable. She told me once that she has never had a relationship go over a year, our 8 months together was her longest relationship a
  12. Hah, see, this is the effect she has on people and your reactions are the SAME reactions I had when I met her! Our coworkers and mutual friends all think she's a riot. She is so unique and odd. Quirky I believe is the word for it. Most people find these things endearing about her. Eventually it worked on me too since I fell hard for her after a while. It helps that shes attractive and generally speaking, a sweet girl.
  13. Hello everyone, I'm posting here because I feel alone and as a 29 year old man, it is hard to find people to confide in. I'd like to hear your opinions on her. I'll keep it as simple as possible. Me: -29 year old male -Artist -Introvert most of the time but I have my moments when I'm the life of the party -Christian -Old fashioned -Disciplined, serious minded, hard worker -Career oriented and very driven. -Logical and problem solver. Her: -32 year old woman -Christian -Highly extroverted - talks to everyone! -Doesn't take anything seriously. -Great personality, makes ev
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