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  1. yeah, even awesome jobs have bad days. That I know very well. Some red flags are that I've only worked there for 6 months in July and I've been talked to twice. The OM said some things that make me believe this isn't going to be a long term situation.
  2. I'd like to know what other people do on this forum to help motivate them to find a new job... What keeps you going? On a bad day at work, like today, my motivation is high so I'm working on my resume and references. But what about a month from now? Any suggestions. And if I'm such a terrible employee according to my office manager, then how the heck am I still employed there? It was a tough day at work, can you tell?
  3. Hi there, I was assigned to clean out the fridge. As such, I sent out 2 emails letting people know and kindly advised them to remove their food before cleaning. One guy kept his food in there and it was expired so it was thrown out. They accused me of throwing out perfectly good yogurt...it was not...it was all expired.
  4. Hi Hollyj Everyone wears perfume there, even the secretary who gets the migraines go figure. I didn't even think about removing the secretary, it didn't occur to me. Yes, I was assigned to clean out the fridge and even sent 2 emails letting the office know.
  5. Update.... So Monday was fine. The offended secretary and I patched things up and all is swell. Another secretary was joking with me about how she should wear strong perfume to have an excuse to go home. Nobody else said anything. What I thought was cool was that the offended secretary finally told me that the office manager has no people skills whatsoever. About the yogurt, I sent out two warning emails that I would be cleaning the fridge and to remove any items that wanted to be kept. He kept his yogurt in there and it was expired so it was tossed. I was chewed out by my
  6. Hi Notalady, Well the legal secretary sent me the email and other people had reported to the office manager (a woman) about my perfume being too strong. My step mom is in management and she said it was handled badly because it was 1. I was talked to at my desk in the open 2. The phrasing should have been more like is there any way you could lessen the intensity? 3. Yes, I did take it too personally because my office has several miserable people that I have to work with and I didn't want to be part of it. I will get yelled at for leaving a glass on the conference room table. So I really
  7. Really? Thanks for imparting your wisdom on my workplace which you know nothing about.
  8. Uhhh...Legal secretaries can be vicious. So I expect there to be some backlash.
  9. Technically the company is a law firm that focuses on labor law in the workplace. The "HR department" is a lawyer who has been there for 23 years and the office manager has been there for 20 plus years. So with that said, I don't feel that this issue would be treated objectively if I were to send a letter. It's a small operation and very behind technologically and obviously etiquette wise as well. It's over on my side. But I'm sure I'll be dealing with major attitude on Monday.
  10. Yeah, they are a grouchy, complaining bunch. It's not anything I'm going to fight...it's over as far as I'm concerned. Yes, I'm very well aware that people are sensitive to scents/allergies and we have to watch it in the workplace. In fact someone else who worked there was wearing a divine perfume and you could smell it throughout the office. The next time she wore it, it was toned down considerably. I'm not an inconsiderate jerk...I just happened to put on too much by accident.
  11. As far as I know, the office doesn't have a fragrance free policy. I love wearing perfume to work...it's like they have taken the joy out of a workday by getting fussy over perfume.
  12. Yep Itchy...spot on. I couldn't even smell the perfume.
  13. It was said at my desk which is at the front so I would consider it public.
  14. That's funny...I don't like the BB Works Cherry Blossom scent either.
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