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  1. Different relationship! But it is a same-sex relationship between us.
  2. Hi, So sorry for the long response, if you could please read, I'd really appreciate it! I really need help! :/ So I've been talking to my partner very seriously for about 2-3 months now, but we've known each other for 6 months. She'll say things like I've never felt this way about anyone else, never actually saw somebody as my potential wife.. and she has indirectly told me in a roundabout way that she loves me and I am her best friend. However, the only actual problem between us is her friend. The information I was initially told about this girl made me uncomfortable, it was made to
  3. I have not had it easy when it comes to relationships. I always find myself getting burned. I was dating a woman for 6 months and we made it official 2 months ago. She was everything I thought I could ever want. I was already complete within myself but she overflowethed me. Taught me things about myself that I will be forever grateful, made me feel things I never felt with anyone before, I truly thought she was soulmate and the feelings were so mutual between us. She expressed to me consistently how she was so in love me and so sprung. We talked about our future, having a home together, a fami
  4. I am not too sure. She classifies these people as really good friends, they invited her to a concert when they came into town but she wasn't able to go so she met up with them tonight after work and in light of her whole roommate situation, she thought it was fine to go back to the hotel with them. I told her that it was strange, but she doesn't see how so I just left it alone.
  5. My girlfriend that I've been with for the past 4 months told me tonight that it was kind of heated between her and her roommate so she didn't want to go back to her house for the night. It just so happened that her friends (a married couple who she met at work about a year ago waitressing) came into town to visit since they live quite some distance. She met up with them and then she tells me she's going to get a hotel room with them for the night. Is it me or is that strange?
  6. Stay strong hun! It definitely will not be easy, it's a process but you'll see light at the end of the tunnel soon enough. Sending a hug your way!
  7. Hey, So I am bisexual and started talking to this girl about a month ago. We really kicked it off and I genuinely like and care about her. She likes to have that reassurance, comfort, and security, all of which is what I value too. We said that we would be exclusive to one another a week ago. My question, though, is if I am being petty on some stuff that has happened lately or if it's no big deal.. I just recently had a court appearance and it was really stressing me out. Beforehand, I told her that I had court coming up soon and that I was nervous on what the outcome would be. The
  8. Hey, So I dated my ex on and off for 2 years. I would like to say we became good friends but honestly it's complicated. I know he talks to other women but we still deal with each other from time to time. Like he'll sometimes send texts saying "morning baby." Little things like that. Just recently I found out he has a girlfriend but not girlfriend if that makes sense, lol. The first time I met her, I went to go pick up some food with them, unaware of their relationship at this time, but he made it obvious when he was being affectionate with her in front of me!! I felt so awkward and disrespe
  9. I dated my ex-boyfriend for about 3 months and I broke up with him because he did me super dirty and basically acted like I was nothing to him anymore. I tried to have a mature conversation with him about a week after we broke up but he acted like a 6 year old and our in person conversation ended with him walking away and ignoring me. About a month after that he texts me saying "hope you've kept that adorable smile on your face through trials and tribulations. continue to have a blessed week." I just simply said thank you. A couple weeks after that, he calls me for small talk. I act nonchalant
  10. I really appreciate what you said!! Thank you so much
  11. I think that's where a lot of my insecurities are stemming from. There was this one guy I was talking to and I told him about my situation and he completely disappeared after that. I love my ex but then I think about how he treated me and what I have to deal with for the rest of my life. When I think about that, I'm like the love. I'm in a constant battle with my emotions and with him reaching out, it makes it even more confusing and painful for me. I just saw him today in passing with another girl that I know he's really good friends with.. I am not sure if he recognized me or what but I
  12. So my ex-boyfriend is an Aquarius and I knew him for about a year before we began dating December of last year for about 3 months. Towards the end of February, I had really bad flu-like symptoms and come to find out, I was experiencing the first outbreak of herpes. I confronted him as he was the only person I was having sexual relations with (in addition, my blood test results confirmed that I had obtained the STD fairly recent) and he acted like I was crazy, a creep, and just completely left me hanging. About two weeks passed and I reach out to talk to him in person about the situation and ju
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