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  1. Update: I asked her if she would like to date, she said yeah but take it slow, it went shy and awkward when I asked, I kinda knew it would heh. I asked her at the end of the date and we hugged and parted ways, nothing romantic, maybe I missed my shot to kiss her here but oh well, I'm glad I asked. I text her after saying have a think and let me know and so far no response, you guys think I should give her time or make another date and just kiss her? either way, we need to break into being intimate to give it ago.
  2. Yeah i don't really see 6 years as much of an age difference. I didn't get around to saying anything today as it was really about her mother having a nice time! We had a lovely day. My bday is on Tuesday and were going for a meal or something so will give it a shot then, when we have a bit more personal time. Still going with the 'how would you feel about giving dating a shot' approach, will let you guys know how it goes as you have all been super helpful
  3. im 27 and she is 21!! so sorry!! haha I houseshare with a mate, who also works with her
  4. I am 21 and she is 27, Her mother is ill and my parents have a lovely garden that she was showing her mother then when we went out for dinner, my parents invited her over (probs thinking we are together) to walk around as we love showing it off heh. Yeah! its not like we are tied together in terms of work. currently, she's not even at work due to the pandemic and I am, so I think we could distance if things didnt work out. I am seeing her today and was going to talk about feelings but Im going to go with "what would you think about giving dating shot", I agree, talking about feelings might
  5. Hey SherrySher, Thanks for this. Yeah totally looked over that! It could lead to a bit of a strange one as we would cross paths even if we wanted time apart. However work relationships have happened and worked out for a couple of other co-workers and I guess and because of that, never saw it as a risk! Yeah, I think I'm going to have to ask. I feel like this is currently unhealthy and I need to know either way so its not constantly on my mind. She's a great girl and even when I'm open about this with her I hope we are both mature enough to keep it civil if things go for the worst or I em
  6. Top advice. This was spot on. She stopped contact with him a few months after and we had a good 5 year run
  7. So myself and this girl have been working together for around a year and formed a really strong friendship and recently I have become single (3 months single) and I am starting to open my eyes to an opportunity here as I fancy the absolute pants off her. Recently we have become super close and openly talk about pretty much everything, family, career, friends, literally no boundaries between us especially since my break up. We sometimes play on this as we're so close a lot of people think we are together and have a bit of a laugh with them, however now she's met the parents and now the parents
  8. Thanks for your advice. Don't get me wrong, she has guy friends, she is bisexual and has a lot of girl friends, I enjoy this, I enjoy her talking to everyone because I know how socially awesome she is, with my friends and anyone she meets and in this short time I have gained enough trust with her, i'm not controlling like your post my be suggesting
  9. Thanks for the advice, its complicated as she is now living in the UK and her ex is in Prague, she has told me that one of the main reasons she is deciding to stay here is because of me, which i know is a massive decision as all of her friends and family are there and she tells me there is nothing there for her (work wise, she came to the UK for a better opportunity to study what she wants to do)...I'm worried one day she'll realize things might not be working here as first thought and go back to her life in Prague, I feel an added pressure not to screw things up, although it was her decision
  10. thank you. I hope so, she's really a great girl
  11. thanks, as I like to say, time is medicine. This has just become a complicated one for me. Thanks for your advice
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