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  1. I'm definitely not using her to get out of a bad situation. She's actually someone I'm very fond of and the change of scenery would just be a plus.
  2. I'll exercise caution especially because it's so far off but we're not necessarily total strangers. I'm going to play it by ear but so far it seems promising
  3. So I had met this woman a few years ago at a venue her and I would both frequent. At the time I had met her she was in a relationship and by the time she was single I was in a relationship. A couple months ago she moved to another state on the other side of the country. I had casually suggested coming out there to visit sometime next year and was met with an enthusiastic yes to that offer. Since then we've been talking nearly everyday via social media and we really click both in our interests and sense of humor. Having mentioned wanting to get out of my state pretty badly, she immediately said
  4. Its a long story but my gf of a few years became incredibly toxic to me. She was cutting me off from my family and was incredibly incosistent with her attitude towards me on a daily basis. It was so unhealthy I ran off to a friends house last week and changed my number. She left my house so I was able to move back in with a couple friends but living here is absolutely killing me. I think about her everyday and it's incredibly soul crushing. This was my first real long term partner and I loved her since a young age. I've been obsessively trying to find new dates or social opportunities ev
  5. I know they've exchanged some harsh words with one another but nothing beyond that. I've explained multiple times that she didn't cause me to kill myself but it hasn't really gotten through. I dont think she understands the full extent of my mental health problems because I kept them pretty quiet for most of my life.
  6. Exactly and what I've tried explaining to my family time and time again was that the fights weren't the only thing pushing me. I was underemployed, poor, didn't get accepted into grad school and most importantly I was on a medication that really didn't agree with me. I stopped taking meds last fall and I feel like they did more harm than good in my case.
  7. Months before the suicide attempt there was a fight that caused the police to be involved but my girlfriend has made a lot of progress in her own mental health since then but my sister hasn't been giving her much of a chance.
  8. We had getting in frequent fights leading up to it. I was unconscious in the hospital when the two of them had interacted so I'm not sure how it came to that.
  9. I've been a little more independent in the last couple years. It's just that having to become very distant from my family because of a conflict is a little saddening.
  10. Some background: last year around this time my girlfriend and I were going through a pretty substantial mental health problems (she's bipolar and I'm autistic). Between the problems in my relationships and other issues I wound up attempting suicide. Ever since then there's been some animosity between my family and girlfriend because they're blaming her for my suicide attempt (my sister in particular). Things have been a lot better in the past year, my gf and I get along, I got a better job and I moved. I managed to get my gf and mom on good terms for awhile but was struggling to set thing
  11. Same woman. She relapsed very quickly
  12. The overall situation is my girlfriend and I live together but are probably breaking up. Shes had a benzo problem for months and has gradually grown more angry and disrespectful. One day ended with her being arrested for domestic violence after punching me and pepper spraying me for refusing to leave my own home. She's mad about me calling the cops but she kept threatening to get her brother over there, worse yet it could have been misconstrued that I was committing the crime if I didn't call. The other day she went to court for something unrelated (bogus trespassing charge) and got mad that
  13. My girlfriend and I love each other very much but we're both very opinionated, passionate people. As of late we keep getting into arguments about various things. After yer another argument last night I asked "why do we always have to come to a consensus on things?" Because I usually tell her I don't want to argue but she won't compromise so eventually I just agree with her that I'm "wrong". She seems pretty skeptical about agreeing to disagree but I'd really just prefer if both opinions can be equally valid but not agreed upon. I feel it's harmful to our intimacy and communication if we can't
  14. Well it's certainly an issue when she's allowed to stay in contact with her ex and nothing about a missed call or my text had any indication of me cheating.
  15. I have no idea what the call was about, it was 2 days ago when I was working. I texted her "Hey dude workin I'll call you later" I forgot to call her. Anyway my gf asked to look through my phone this morning and saw the text. I was trying to explain that me and that girl having sex was a one time thing and we've only just been platonic friends since. The fight was on the scale that made it seem like I actually cheated on her. I guess any response to the phone call other than telling her to f*ck off I have a girlfriend wasn't right. She didn't understand why I'm mad about that display of jealou
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