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  1. I feel like there's a lot of hostility and judgement here, and that's not exactly what I came here for. Also, I think some of you had misunderstood some of the things I wrote so let me clear some things up, maybe you'll see the situation through my eyes: I'm 28 years old and I never had a relationship before I was 25, so I know perfectly well what it's like to be alone. There were times when I was happy alone and there were times when I was sad and miserable but I could accept and embrace those times, but one thing I know for sure: right now I don't want to be alone for a while. I'll
  2. This is exactly what I thought in the first week, but we talked much more since then and she seemed more interested and open and even asked me about my life and relationship, playfully considered what it would be like together etc. Besides, there must be a reason why she removed their pictures from instagram. Despite all this, it's possible that you're right. What's the solution? Should I ask questions about why they are still together?
  3. Don't think for a second that this was any of your fault. Unfortunately these guys exist and they need to be called out. This was clearly rape, there's no doubt. It's never too late to report it even if it happened years ago, but I understand it's not easy if there's any confrontation... A therapist might be a good idea. Good luck, I hope you figure out and go for the nice guy next time 🙂
  4. If you only see her relatively rarely that should be the time when she feels happy with you, but something prevents that from happening and I don't think it's just her uni or her work. It is possible that you come across as too needy or clingy at times and she needs some space from that. It is also possible that she doesn't really want to be with you, she just needs some support when she's alone. Unfortunately there's also a chance she's seeing someone else. You need to communicate with her more openly, looking for any signs, but very carefully without being too pushy.
  5. Almost 2 years and we've been living together for one. We both know it's not going to last, that includes her, so yes. As I said she's much older than me, so that is the main issue in our relatioship.
  6. I'm a 28 yo male. There is a girl I've been chasing for years. We made out once 2 years ago, but nothing else happened. She kept ignoring me for years, but it looks like now she's interested! She hit me up a few weeks ago and we had some really long conversations about life and relationships etc. but sometimes she ignores my messages for days... The reason for that is that we are both in relationships, but when we talks she's really interested, open and communicative. She still has a boyfriend so she is not too comfortable talking to me too much or even meeting me because of the guy, but
  7. It's not about the intention for the girl. It's about the respect for a friend. I don't know about you guys, but I would never start texting a girl who I know one of my friends started something with.
  8. I don't want a serious relationship, but we are still talking and intend to sleep together, so it's not over!!! They don't have each other's numbers, they talk on Facebook and that's because I told him about this girl, and he instantly added her as friend. He told me he just want to f*ck her, but even after me? In just a few days?? Come on! It's disgusting!
  9. There's a friend of mine whom I known for more than 20 years and there's a girl that I'm into. I told him that I slept with the girl and he keeps texting her and asks her photos and wants to meet her etc, and he doesnt even hide it from me...He doesn't realize that our friendship is on the line. He doesn't want serious thing from that girl or any girl, just sex. I also told him that I don't want a serious relationship, but I still think it's weird. What should I do? I feel like he doesn't have any respect for me or anyone, even the girl told me he is annoying..Should I confront him?
  10. I'm still not convinced that I did anything wrong. I'm not the kinda guy who can't face the consequences. Yes I had sex with her and she wanted it too, probably more than me...I still have serious intentions with her, but this whole thing was too quick for me. I want to know her better, preferably without her family for a while.
  11. I guess you are right. It was inevitable to run into her parents and I should have organized at least a date before this...but they kinda acted like I am to be part of the family. That's why it became so strange.
  12. Not only met her parents, but technically spent the afternoon with her family
  13. I have nothing wrong with my morality. Thank you...We had sex, but I have serious intentions with her. I want to get to know her better and I find this situation to be very soon in a relationship. I barely know her and already met her parents...am I really the only one finding this strange? I wouldn't introduce her to my parents for months in a new relationship.
  14. I met this girl online a few days ago. She invited me over and we did have sex. Her parents came home and she introduced me like I was already her boyfriend (this was our first meeting). Am I the only one thinking this is too soon? How would you react?
  15. Looks like we are in the same shoes. I understand your position, it's even harder with dnb. I'm not good at kissing ass either, that's partly the reason why I didn't get very far in local terms. The other reason is the very poor musical taste of people generally have here. They are not open and willing to change, and I don't want to change in that direction either, so there's a gap between me and the local audience. I have a lot of people supporting me on the internet, but I don't get enough support and positive energy in my personal life, which is kinda frustrating after all these yea
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