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  1. He's been pretty chatty the last couple of days. He told me if I don't have to work tomorrow I can come hang out with him and help him with a car he's going to be working on. And maybe I can get a better idea then of how it might go. I'm not going to be pushy at all. I do value our friendship and I won't be offended if he doesn't want to date me. But I'm trying to go out of my comfort zone and go by the saying you never know until you try lol My last relationship officially ended a couple months ago. I was living with my ex until he took a job out of town in June. This guy does know my ex
  2. He's in my circle of friends. We talk every time he comes out. Thankfully it seems another friend kind of broke the ice me lol. I'll just have to see how it goes. He thought I was married to my ex so i was basically in the friend zone and he said he'd have to process the new found information. But we just recently had an hour long conversation in the phone while he was on the way to national guard drill
  3. Ok so I'm slowly starting to attempt to get back into the dating scene. I like a friend of mine that I've know for a good while. I want to ask him out but I'm so afraid of making it awkward or being let down, but also trying to get out of my comfort zone and base it on if I never ask I'll never know... (If it matters I'm 33 lol and still completely blind to cues from the opposite sex unfortunately. I have been known to misread signals...) Any advise would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Yea I guess I'm been trying so hard to be strong and I've not really let myself cry about it. Granted I had made up my kind about the break up in advance and I don't regret my decision nor do I miss him like I thought I would. I think I've been more angry than anything. One of these days I will give in to the emotions I suppose.
  5. Some of you know already that I broke up with my boyfriend/fiance of 3 years, last month. I'm wondering how everyone copes or deals with feeling lonely. I'm trying to do the right thing and smart thing by not looking for another relationship. Which seems easier this time just due to the fact that I don't feel like explaining my baggage and a certain issue I have, right now. But I'm trying to figure out how to cope with being lonely. I've been throwing myself into my schoolwork and work itself. I've recently been able to do some stuff to my car which helps me keep my mind of things. But I c
  6. So I finally broke up with him today, after getting loose ends tied up. I know I made the right choice now, he didn't at all. He said "I kind of had a feeling it was coming..." He also removed all of our local friends from his Facebook page about a month ago. So that just tells me that he didn't plan on coming back... So I'm feeling relieved, and thankful that I have moved in with friends so that I'm not totally alone. Now it's time to start recovering from the financial situation and get my life back on track. Thank you everyone for your words and advice. It did make it easier.
  7. Honestly I'm in the same boat as you. I'm about to end a 3 year relationship so I can rebuild my self essentially. I'm unfortunately a serial monogamous lol but I'm now at a point where I really have no interest in dating or sex for that matter. I'm moving in with friends to help my financial situation and at the same time help myself. At least I won't be completely alone which will help. I just don't feel like trying to explain my past and my baggage to anyone.
  8. Yup. It's getting closer for sure. I sent him the title to the little POS he's driving, because it's in my name, I signed it over. Emailed him a bill of sale, told him only because he's so far away and that way if he wanted to sell it he'd be able to. The next thing is going to politely ask him to send the phone he has back to me whenever he gets a prepaid phone. Our phones got shut off this morning but I had the money on stand-by to pay the bill but wanted to see what his reaction was going to be and give him one last ditch effort to help with the bill and nothing of course. So I paid the
  9. Honestly at this point you are to young. You really need to focus on school. Listen to what to MirroKnight said. Young boys really only have one thing on their mind 9 times out of 10. They will manipulate you or force you into doing things you don't want to do. If you must be super picky, don't just go for the first guy that gives you attention. There was a time that the boys would compare their "lists" with one another, I don't know if that still happens but even though times have changed I'm sure this stupid little game they play probably has not. Again if you must, find someone worthy o
  10. Thats a really good idea and I think I will do that when I get moved into my friends place. I generally have a pretty good outlook on life and try to stay positive. But of course life tends to get the best of anybody. I'm starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.. Once I work up to courage to tell my fiance the deal.
  11. Its true I'm sure a degree is not required for a bank teller job lol But I figured I would take advantage of my education benefits and get some sort of degree. I had told them the truth. That I can't physically do the jobs I had been in the automotive industry, I've been a mechanic and a parts associated. I had supplied my resume to my previous boss for the parts managers position at the dealership I was working at at the time, and was met with being fired... ty place lol So once I complete this degree I will try to apply for management positions in the automotive field since that is my pa
  12. This is what will happen pretty much. I'll have to eat the cost of whats left of his device payments just to be over with it all :-/ Breakups are of course always hard, and I never know how to do it. A friend of mine said to do it in person, which of course is the best way, but when neither one of us can afford to drive the 4.5 hours to see each other, that is not the option. So over the phone it'll be. Just never know the words to say.
  13. This is true. Yes unfortunately I do need a car, where I live there's not much of a public transportation system. Plus my surgeon is 2 hours away and my va medical center is 1.5 hours away. Yes I've got health issues, all physical from the Navy. Thankfully that's what I get disability for from the VA. And will be working on getting my percentage increased as soon as my surgery recovery pay claim is processed. It is a constant battle that us veterans have to battle all the time. Another unfortunate thing is when I've tried to jobs that could accommodate my injuries they all look at my re
  14. Yea I'm not high maintenance at all. I'm ok with staying at home when he was home and just spending time. I've never expected him to buy me expensive things ect. My Bill's consist of a car payment, car insurance, electric internet, and of course the phone bill. I've never expected him to help me with my car expenses. but when he was here he did help with the electric bill and the phone bill.
  15. That's what I've pretty much figured out. Judging from his responses to my stress and situation. so I do believe I'll be ending it very soon. I'm just thankful I've got good friends that are willing to help me out. Because then I would have to pack everything is a 24ft truck, get a car hauler and drive 8 hours back to my parents. and lose all of my good friends, my job with an awesome boss, and screw my education up. Everything happens for a reason and I guess god is opening another door for me and showing me the way.
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