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  1. I am in NC since the day she told me, I erased everything. Thank you for helping me, all of you, from the bottom of my broken heart. I can't think clearly, I am confused, that is why I asked few questions it would help me to move on. I don't want anything to have with her, it is done and I am mad, because I cant understand. Every time she called me if I don't pick up right away she would sent me a message asking me why don't I answer the phone, or she would tell: "see, if you have anything new to say to me you would answer". Why her behaviour is so confusing, I am trying to find some logic.
  2. I am in NC. I erased her number, facebook, everything what I had about her. But why she is trying to hurt me that much? I am trying to understand all of this because I need some logic to move on. Is there anyone to explain to me her behaviour? Thank you
  3. Ok, thank you for reading this. I am back in contact with my ex since february.Most of the time she was crying on the phone, exposing all my flaws and blaming me for milion things, sometimes she would insulted me and then asked me where did I go, sometimes she was flirty, etc. She was the dumper (she needed to find herself and wanted to be free after 7 years together).10 days ago she sent me a message saying sorry for everything, I hug you and love you. She really repaired my heart with that. Last week I sent her a message, I told her that some girl told me she loves me (It was a true, and I was telling her everything about my job, my family, my life no secrets) and when I heard that I realised how much I love my her (my ex). I told her that. She called me and told me that her message from few days ago did not mean anything like I thought, she had a moment of weakness.She also told me every time I sent her a message she feels resistance in her stomach and that is a sign that she doesn't love me (I did not always initiate contact, she was also messaged me and called me ) I asked her is there someone else, she said no. I asked her does she love someone else she said yes, I asked who is it? She told me I cant talk about that with you". Then she started to yell but I am not with anyone, I do not see anyone. I wish them the best and hang up the phone. Then she messaged me trying to justify herself told me that she loves many people, me too. I lost my temper and said that she should stop calling me, leave me alone, goodbye. She sent me a purple heart. I am broken again and don't know what to do anymore. Every time I tried fight for her, proofing her that I love her she always finds a different way to broke my heart. Why she did not tell me who she loves? Why she is acting like this : one day she loves me, tomorrow she doesn't, one day she called me told me she had a dream about me, tomorrow she said leave her alone, then she was blaming me that I do not care about her, that I am not hurt because of her, I proof her the opposite etc. Please help what she wants?
  4. She was not seeing anyone, that is a fact. She suffers from depression, taking medications. Every time she called me she cried telling me that she was not well. I know she loves me but this trip she needs to do it by herself without me in her life. But I tried giving to her a some comfort that she knows that I love her and that I will be always there for her if she needs me. I crossed a line, I know, with me begging her to come back, because I entered in the panic mode after reading her message. But you are right it is the time to move on, it is damaging for me. Thank you
  5. Anneli, thank you so much. I saw that as a goodbye, but I couldn't admit that to myself. Maybe I was hoping it will be better if someone tells me that "at loud". Thank you. I feel better because I am stronger and smarter, and I am not on the bottom anymore, I am on my knees and that is a huge progress for me. Thank you everyone for your time and help, you helped me. It is time to move on.
  6. We were in NC for months and I tried to get up, I did. I felt much better before I broke NC that was in March. I told her that I was better much better, but she was down, suffering of depression. I offered her a help she refused, then she called me we were talking, then next conversation ends up with a fight and that was the cycle. I know. I care for her and love her. It was a long time to move on, but something brings me to her, I can't explain. Do you have any idea what her message means, why she sent that? Ok, thank you. What can I do about that? If I love someone why wouldn't I be with her
  7. Thank you for reading this but I need your wisdom and help, please. She was the dumper after 7 years together. We broke up last year. We both had good and bad days but we could not let go each other. We were mostly mad every time we were in contact someone was yelling and crying. Last week we had a fight, she stated all my faults and reasons why she doesn't want to be with me, I lost my temper and she hang up the phone. Few days passed by and she sent me a message: Her: I hear you too. Forgive me too. I hug you and your whole family. We will meet some day and look at each other in the eyes. Sing, go fishing, cook, drive, love, live and breath. Thank you for everything. Me: (I waited her apology the whole year).I love you more then anything, please come back to me, I will be better for you, I will be the best, I promise. Thank you Her are already are, let us go, I love you too. Me are you going don't say goodbye to me, please. Her already left and that is ok, now I have to go, further. Take care. Me only I can show you my heart inside that you see and those tears for us, you and me which I hate. Just be happy and when you feel that you are ready call me I will come on the end of the world for you. Go my love. Take care I kiss you. Why she sent me this, I don't get it. If she doesn't care for me or doesn't love me anymore what is the point. Why didn't she just left without a word, this I would do if I do not care. I am emotionally involved in this, so I can't see clearly what is this. Please help.
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