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  1. I'm not pestering him!? I told him we can be friend's and that was that!
  2. This is a valuable lesson. Have some standards. Believe you deserve them. Be prepared to act on them. You staying long enough for him to dump you when you should have cut him off at the first signs he was just using you. It is a very valuable lesson. Because he was my friends friend, I thought he wouldn't use me. How wrong was I. I think I'm obsessing, not because of him because of the situation. Letting myself be used.
  3. Why didn't you bail earlier when he refused to go out and only wanted to do `indoor activities' with you? Because I'm an idiot.
  4. I started seeing my friends friend. I knew him for about 6 months before we started dating. We went out on a first date, he was lovely. We went back to his chatted, watched a film and we slept together (Which wasn't planned and I don't normally do that) We then started to see each other once a week. He is a Police officer so he works all different shifts. I would go round his house we would watch a film. I asked him if he wanted to go out and everytime he said he wanted to stay in. I thought this was because of his shifts he was tired but as time went on he stopped messaging me back and then when I asked why he hasn't texted me back after two days he said he was busy with work. I started feeling crappy because it seemed he wasn't making any effort with me and getting really lazy, just expecting me to go round his house watch tv and have sex. He even got lazy in the bedroom. He would initiate sex and then make no effort. I messaged him and after two days of not hearing from him. I got annoyed and frustrated. I messaged him saying 'Do you want to continue dating or do you want to call it a day as I don't know where I stand with you?' He messaged me back just saying he was busy with work. So I left it as that. I messaged him two days later asking how he was and how was work? Again, nothing. I didn't like they way he was making me feel so I messaged him saying 'i hope there are no hard feelings and I hope we can be friend's'. Surprise surprise, nothing back from him. I know I was pretty harsh but dating him was making me turn into a psycho. I have never been that way in the past with a guy if they didn't message me back. And to feel like this whilst we was dating, I thought it's not right. I wasn't asking the world, I just wanted him to communicate with me. It was like hitting my head against a brick wall My friend said to me he's been really hurt in the past by past relationships so he's closed off. It's been a week and I can't stop thinking about this guy. I've been in long term relationships before and when they ended I've never obsessed about someone like I do with this guy. What the he'll is wrong with me? Why am I obsessing?
  5. I started seeing my friends friend. Everything was great at the beginning. He seemed like he really liked me and made an effort. He then started making excuses for not texting me back and in general not making an effort. After days of not hearing from him, I had enough and thought this isn't going anywhere. So I messaged him saying I hope there are no hard feeling and I hope we can be friend's. I never heard back from him. To be honest, I was expecting no response. I now am worried it's going to cause a problem with me and my friends. They all went out as a group last night for a friend's birthday so I know the guy I was seeming is going to about me to my friend. Is it best just to take a step back and let the dust settle? I have anxiety and this is really stressing me out.
  6. I only googled his telephone number and all this information came up. You are right, I wish I didn't! I only did it because people lie and dating profiles and I wanted to make sure he was who he said he was. I've been lied to before by people online so for my own security I did it
  7. I know I might be running before I walk but I tend to over think things and want to get some advice. I started messaging this guy on Tinder and we hit it off so i gave hom my number. We have spoken on the phone and we got on well. He now wants to meet up for a drink. He hasn't told me but I googled him and he's a multimillionaire. I on the other hand live from pay check to pay check. I feel a bit intimidated that hes so wealth and I'm not. I've never gone out with someone with money before and don't know if that's going to create a problem as we are from two different worlds. Has anyone else been in this situation?
  8. I didn't have an affair with him!! He had an affair with someone else! I didn't destroy this life, he did it himself!
  9. No he cheated with someone else. I didn't realise he cheated on his wife until recently. He lied about they reason why he and his wife got a divorce
  10. He never told me he cheated on her. I only found out recently. He lied about the reason why they got a divorce
  11. I broke up with my boyfriend in January. He said he wasn't feeling right about our relationship and he wanted to get back with his ex wife. Obviously I was upset by this. I asked him why does he want to get back with his ex wife when he had an affair whilst he was married to her. He told me he wanted his family back (His children) I shouted at him and told him, that's no the best way to have a relationship with your children. I cut all contact. Then in February I received a message from him asking if I wanted to come over and collect my things or he would drop them off to me. I said no, I didn't want them. I asked him if he had got back with his ex and he said, He had been our with her a couple of times but didn't fancy her and was bored with her. He said he should have listened to me and appreciate the love he had with me. He also had been on tinder looking for me and 'torturing' himself over it. We left it as that. He messaged me on and off over the coming months. Then in October I got a message asking if I was okay? I didn't recognise the number so asked who it was. We messaged back and fourth for a couple of hours. He then was in my head day and night for weeks after. I thought I was over him? I then messaged him to see if he wanted a drink, he said yes and he would let me know a date as he was just going on holiday. I messaged him to see how his week was going. He messaged back saying he just got back from holiday and he would like to meet me in the week but to let me know, he's been seeing his ex wife for a long while. I lost my temper. He made out he was single. I screenshotted all the messages and sent them all to his ex wife. She was grateful. He didn't mention to her, he was speaking to me again. She read the messages and then dumped him. I received a message from him saying I have destroyed his life. His family then messaged me saying I'm a for what in a done!! I blocked him and all his family aswell. I feel bad as I've never done anything like that before. I wanted to hurt him like he hurt me but I also wanted to let her know what he was doing as he (As I've only just found out) has a past of cheating with a lot of women. It's been a couple of days but I still can't stop thinking about it and I feel so agitated. She said she won't be getting back with him but I'm not so sure and that's really getting to me as I feel it's been for nothing and I look like a .
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