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  1. No these aren't complaints about the same person 1 - She is a work colleague who works with my family (I live with my family) - due to the office being closed she comes over to our house as its bigger to 'work' and ask for help as she's new to the company. I do not work with her I have no relation to her. However, because she doesn't leave she'll hang out and get invited to dinner by my family as they are all work colleagues and also have after work drinks. 2 - I do not have makeup or hairdressing experience or business. Purely complimenting me and asking for me to do their makeup and
  2. I am still working on why I am coming across these people. So far my coach has said its not anything particular and everyone meets these people they just deal with it differently and that I tend to not deal with something that causes me distress straight away I am afraid I will seem impolite. my coach has said when I am uncomfortable I tend to laugh which causes confusion when I am trying to be serious and that I need to keep a straight face and firm tone. So that's what I'm working on. Thanks for your response
  3. Yes I have and this is why I am feeling a little more 'stressed' because most of the situations take place at work or home only place I can go to is bedroom or toilet. But the person is still there. So when I go to my bedroom I can still hear the colleague and she'll purposely mention where am I why aren't I sitting downstairs. So I look rude. Whereas with a salesperson they go away, you can hang up the phone lol. I have no control if people come over to the house because they arent my guests. I will start practicing in the mirror I need to build my confidence up.
  4. Hi everyone I would just like some advice. I am learning how to set boundaries with people I am meeting. I am also learning about how to avoid attracting attention and being 'pressured' into friendships or commitments. avoiding conflict best as possible. I am currently working with a life coach but would love your input. Please could you give me responses to these questions I face and I don't want to seem rude but I need nice 'comebacks' 1, A girl I just met for 5 minutes wants to go hang out with me. I have made continuous excuses about the pandemic but she still asks.
  5. Hi everyone, I thought maybe I could get some clarity and spark some discussions. Ok firstly my view on social media - when I was young everything was up on Facebook and twitter, I then dated a VERY insecure man who made me delete all social media and for about 3 years I got into the habit of never using it. Never felt the urge, even when we broke up it took me 2 years after to remake social media accounts - I felt at a loss on what to actually post. Luckily I worked in a high corporate job where posting anything other than charity/ events or sports related pictures was very 'frowned
  6. Firstly I have to say well done for keeping it together. I know first hand how hard and toxic it can be when you have issues with your partners family and having issues with his child I can't even imagine how hard it is. Especially with her doing her internet activites etc. I think deep down you really know what you need to do and how long you can go on like this. There is so much disrespect and turmoil you can allow yourself to go through until you know enough is enough. You sound very knowledgable and clear headed. I know you enjoy the fun side of things and have known him for nearly a decad
  7. Hi thanks for replying. I am getting counselling right now. Also I have a life coach. But its that question of 'what do I want' I just don't know.
  8. Also in between my boyfriends I have taken 2 years gaps as I was so busy with work and I'm just not the sort of person that hooks up with guys or talks to a lot of men as I do find it energy draining. I wasn't in the right frame of mind so technically I've only had 2 boyfriends in 8 years which my family and friends have thought is a waste.
  9. HI everyone, Its a little long so bare with me. Sorry I need to get this off my chest So I moved to another country (Dubai) when I was 23 and worked for a financial brokerage. It was a very competitive male dominant environment. One of my biggest reasons I moved abroad from the UK was because I just broke up with my long term boyfriend and he completely messed me up. Mentally I was just so broken I had to start over again. Of course this wasn't easy, when I started working in the new country and job I faced working with a nasty girl who was very jealous and constantly made my life he
  10. She's exactly like this. She came to visit her kids and expected me to still drop them to school, take them out, play with them etc. Me and my mum of course backed off let her run around, get up every 5 mins and basically 'be a mother' - she was then saying to me how I need to do more LOL. I had made it clear that I do do a lot I do school runs, and do the dinners of course homework and bath time etc. Obviously she would get annoyed because she'd have to keep putting candy crush down. Her husband would get sick of her just slumped on the couch playing it. So She would expect me to jump in and
  11. Hi everyone hope you are well. So for the past 8 years I lived abroad with my Aunty and Uncle. We worked for the same company and I worked under them. Part of my work contract was they had to pay for my accommodation. But as were family and they live in a huge villa I lived with them rent free - technically saving them money. So of course I'm very close with my aunty (my mums little sister) we all get along etc However she is an alcoholic and very lazy and due to drinking everyday her memory her judgement is all out the window. She also is a huge recluse as she'd rather sit in bed t
  12. Thanks Jen I will remove myself your right. Thanks x
  13. Thanks Rose. Your right it did trigger me. I have let her really get to me. I've been stuck in the UK for nearly two months now and she's only been staying here for a week since 'her injury'. I shouldn't have let it get to me. I have been trying to keep to myself and stay in my room as I'm studying but she's so inconsiderate on noise levels. I think the reason why I'm letting it get to me is because I'm away from my home and my friends my comfort. Its been so hard and my mother doesn't understand I need space. I thinks its just another unstable norm from her and TA which I don't want in my
  14. I completely kept a distance, even when she came over for lunch, I keep conversation to a minimal but she pokes. The reason why she was so ready to flip at me was because that morning I kept walking away. I also walk away like pretend I got a phone call, or I'm studying so I go upstairs, I start cooking I do chores. But when I knew where she was going with my cousin I couldn't help it. The problem is I don't want my cousin having the same dynamic with her (even her mother has said she doesn't want her sister around her children) When I've kept a distance or kept quiet (for example were the
  15. Hi Guys, I really need some advice or at least a pep talk I'm really heart broken right now. So my toxic aunty is my mothers sister she has always been the Bain of everyone in the family. She isn't married and has no kids she's 52 years old she's always the one to spark arguments, then cry victim. Growing up she's always been very nasty to me. (my dad walked out on me and my mother when I was 1) she always use to tell me that I didn't belong in the family, that I'm a burden. Im 31 years old but as a kid I always felt alone in the family. I am an only child and had no cousins. Me and
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