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    New Beauty Trend - Nose Waxing

    By Margarita Nahapetyan

    The latest and the most "weird" beauty trend from the United States that is already hitting Europe as well, is a procedure of nose waxing. Since the first introduction of nose wax at one of the New York's salons, plenty of women are adding it to their leg and bikini waxes, as well as to the waxing of the earlobes, hands, cheeks and necks.

    According to Mary Gillmore, beautician and managing director of salon Beauty Essence, the treatment is supposed to make women look more groomed, more feminine and even a little sexier. Cosmetologists stress out that this latest trend is gradually becoming more and more popular because it appears to be quite necessary. To be more specific, no woman should have hairs in her nostrils, especially considering that the waxing is not harmful for the overall health, as only the thickest hairs around the edge of the nostril are taken out. Nose hairs, as it is commonly known, are there for a certain reason, since they are meant to filter dust and bacteria heading to our lungs, and therefore acting as a gateway where dust and bacteria stop.

    For this reason, Mary Gillmore says, the nose waxing does not go deep inside the nose, removing only the peripheral, visible to eye hairs. A does not go so deep as to remove enough hairs that it could put a throat or lungs at risk. The procedure is, in this sense, like some kind of compromise choice between beautiful appearance and health, which is meant to make a woman more attractive and more confident.

    The majority of women are convinced that the procedure of nose waxing is going to be very painful. After all, all those who have ever had their hair tweezered out, and knowing how uncomfortable it gets when pulling out just a single hair, could imagine what it would be like to have all the hair removed at once. But waxologists promise that nose wax does not hurt and is not as scary as it may seem. It does smart a little bit when the wax comes off, Gillmore says, but the fact that it makes women breathe more deeply afterwards compensates for that. And of course, having all hairs removed in one swift, just like with waxing any other part of the body, makes it less painful that tweezing out just one hair at a time.

    In the United States, ladies virtually invade the salons in order to have their nose hairs removed - so much so that wax experts do both nostrils at the same time, stuffing both nostrils with warm goo for a couple of minutes. A wooden spatula is used to deftly fill nostrils with this warm goo. After about half a minute, the wax becomes cool and set. Time for take-off. With one quick movement, waxologist then swipes away the paper, taking the wax and nose hair with it.

    According to Mary Gillmore, the procedure of waxing is becoming more extreme, in part because women are getting hairier. The lives are now full of stress, and stress is linked to the production of male hormones such as testosterone, which causes hair growth. The beautician further said that the affordable cost of nose waxing which is about $15 and half the price with another waxing treatment, also contributes to the increasing popularity of the nose wax.

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