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    5 Popular Types of Necklaces for Men

    Why Are Guys with Necklaces So Popular?

    Over the past few years, we've seen a surge in the popularity of guys with necklaces. From celebrities on the red carpet to influencers on social media, many men have embraced this accessory as a staple in their fashion repertoire. But what is it about necklaces that draw so much attention?

    One of the main reasons is the versatility of necklaces. They can be simple and understated, bold and statement-making, or anywhere in between. This flexibility allows men to express their personal style, mood, or even a particular message they want to convey.

    Furthermore, necklaces often serve as a conversation starter. Whether it's a unique pendant or a custom design, a necklace can be an immediate icebreaker, allowing guys to connect with others based on shared interests or experiences.

    Moreover, as the line between traditionally male and female fashion blurs, guys with necklaces represent a broader acceptance of diverse fashion choices. It's a small step towards breaking down gender norms and embracing personal style without restrictions.

    It's also worth noting that many cultures and religions have long celebrated men wearing necklaces, from protective amulets to symbols of status. As global fashion becomes more interconnected, we see a blending of these traditions, making necklaces on men even more widespread.

    Lastly, many men find wearing a necklace empowering. It serves as a symbol of confidence, individuality, and self-expression, setting them apart in a crowd.

    The History Behind Men's Jewelry

    While the trend of guys with necklaces might seem relatively new, the history of men adorning themselves with jewelry dates back thousands of years. Ancient civilizations, from the Egyptians to the Romans, recognized the power and status associated with jewelry.

    In Ancient Egypt, pharaohs and noblemen wore necklaces made of gold and adorned with precious gems. These pieces weren't just for decoration; they symbolized the wearer's power, wealth, and connection to the divine.

    Romans, on the other hand, saw jewelry as a sign of rank. High-ranking officials and soldiers often wore necklaces, rings, and other adornments as symbols of their position. They also believed in the protective properties of certain gems and metals, incorporating them into their jewelry for both fashion and function.

    Fast forward to the Middle Ages, where knights wore medallions and pendants as a form of identification on the battlefield. These pieces often bore the symbols of their family crest or a religious icon, serving both a practical and spiritual purpose.

    During the Renaissance, as art and culture flourished, so did men's fashion. Nobleman and scholars adorned themselves with elaborate necklaces, showcasing their wealth and taste. The intricate designs and use of precious stones made these pieces true works of art.

    In more recent history, the 1960s and 70s counterculture movement saw a resurgence in men's jewelry. Inspired by global travels and a desire to break free from conventional norms, many men embraced necklaces, rings, and bracelets as a form of self-expression.

    Today, with the rise of individualism and personal branding, guys with necklaces have become a widespread trend. Whether influenced by history, culture, or personal taste, one thing is clear: men's jewelry, especially necklaces, is here to stay.

    5 Popular Types of Necklaces for Men (You'll Want to Try!)

    The world of men's necklaces offers a vast array of styles and designs, ensuring there's something for everyone. Let's delve into five of the most popular types:

    1. Chain Necklaces: These are the classic go-tos for many guys. From chunky chains for a bold statement to thinner ones for a more subtle look, chain necklaces are versatile. Materials can vary from sterling silver to gold, or even more contemporary materials like stainless steel or titanium.

    2. Pendant Necklaces: This type often comes with a central piece or charm hanging from the chain. It could be anything from a religious symbol, a personal emblem, or even a meaningful gemstone. Pendants allow for personal expression, making them a favorite among many.

    3. Beaded Necklaces: A more relaxed and bohemian style, beaded necklaces come in various materials, from wooden beads to precious stones. They can be single-stranded for simplicity or multi-stranded for a layered look.

    4. Chokers: While traditionally more popular among women, men's chokers have made a significant comeback. Made of leather, metal, or cloth, they sit snugly around the neck and can be both edgy and stylish.

    5. Dog Tags: Initially a military identification, dog tags have found their place in men's fashion. They can be custom-engraved with personal information or symbols and worn as a statement piece.

    With so many options available, "guys with necklaces" can effortlessly find a style that resonates with their personality and fashion sense. It's all about experimentation and finding what feels right!

    Breaking Stereotypes: More Than Just a Fashion Statement

    Necklaces, for a long time, were seen as a predominantly female accessory. However, as we've noted, history shows us that men have adorned themselves for centuries. Today, guys with necklaces are not only making a fashion statement but are also challenging and redefining societal norms.

    Wearing a necklace can be an act of breaking free from traditional masculinity's confines. It's a nod to a world where self-expression isn't limited by gender. By choosing to accessorize, men are sending a clear message: fashion and personal style have no gender boundaries.

    Furthermore, each necklace a man wears can tell a story. It could be a tale of heritage, representing a connection to one's roots, or maybe it's a symbol of a personal journey or achievement. By wearing these symbols openly, men are inviting conversations that transcend surface-level small talk.

    Moreover, in a society that often demands conformity, choosing to wear a necklace can be an act of rebellion. It's a way for men to say they aren't bound by dated expectations or societal pressures.

    Lastly, as more male celebrities and influencers don accessories like necklaces, they're setting a precedent for younger generations. They're showing that self-expression, vulnerability, and authenticity are strengths, not weaknesses.

    So, while it may seem like just a piece of jewelry, guys with necklaces are often making a statement much more profound than fashion alone.

    What Does Wearing a Necklace Say About a Guy?

    As with any fashion choice, wearing a necklace can reveal a lot about a person's character, beliefs, and personality. But what exactly does it say about a guy?

    1. He values self-expression: A necklace can be a canvas for a man to showcase his identity, beliefs, or passions. It signifies that he's not afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve (or, in this case, around his neck).

    2. He's confident: Stepping outside traditional fashion norms requires confidence. By wearing a necklace, a man is showing that he's secure in his choices and doesn't seek validation from societal standards.

    3. He appreciates art and craftsmanship: Many necklaces are intricately designed and handcrafted. A man who chooses such pieces shows an appreciation for artistry and the effort behind creating unique jewelry.

    4. He's in touch with his spiritual or cultural side: Many men wear necklaces as symbols of spiritual beliefs or cultural heritage. It can be a sign that he has a deep connection to his roots or is on a spiritual journey.

    5. He's open-minded: By breaking traditional fashion barriers, a guy with a necklace may be more open to new experiences, cultures, and ideas. It's a subtle nod to a broader worldview.

    In essence, while a necklace might seem like a simple accessory, it can convey volumes about a man's personality, beliefs, and values. And as with all fashion choices, it's a personal decision that each individual makes for himself.

    Pros and Cons: To Wear or Not to Wear?

    Every fashion choice comes with its set of advantages and considerations. So, let's weigh the pros and cons of guys with necklaces:


    1. Aesthetic Appeal: A necklace can be the finishing touch to an outfit, adding a touch of elegance or edginess depending on the style.

    2. Personal Expression: As mentioned, necklaces allow for individual expression. They can represent beliefs, memories, or milestones, giving depth to one's personal style.

    3. Versatility: From casual to formal, there's a necklace for every occasion. Whether it's a relaxed beach day with a beaded necklace or a formal event with a sleek chain, the options are endless.

    4. Trendsetter: Being ahead of the curve in fashion can set one apart. As men's jewelry becomes more mainstream, wearing a necklace can highlight one's trendsetting nature.


    1. Maintenance: Jewelry requires care. Depending on the material, some necklaces may tarnish or break, necessitating regular upkeep.

    2. Overdoing It: Like any accessory, there's a thin line between stylish and overboard. It's essential to balance the necklace with the overall outfit.

    3. Potential Stereotyping: While society has come a long way, some may still harbor outdated views about men wearing jewelry. It's essential to be prepared for potential judgment or comments.

    Ultimately, the decision to wear a necklace is deeply personal. It's about weighing the pros and cons and deciding what feels right for oneself.

    Necklaces and Personal Relationships: A Deeper Connection?

    Can a piece of jewelry impact personal relationships? Surprisingly, the answer might be 'yes'! Let's explore the connection between guys with necklaces and their interpersonal relationships.

    1. Conversation Starters: A unique necklace can be a great conversation starter. Whether it's a curious friend or a potential partner, people often inquire about the story behind a distinctive piece.

    2. Gifts with Meaning: Necklaces are popular gifts in relationships. They can symbolize love, commitment, or a shared memory, adding depth to the relationship.

    3. Attraction: Some people are attracted to those who confidently express themselves. A necklace can showcase a man's individuality, making him stand out in a crowd.

    4. Shared Interests: Bonding over fashion or jewelry can be the foundation for deeper connections. Two people might bond over a shared appreciation for craftsmanship or design, fostering mutual respect and understanding.

    5. Personal Growth: Exploring fashion and self-expression can lead to personal growth. As one becomes more comfortable in their skin, it can positively influence their relationships with others.

    While a necklace is just a piece of jewelry, its impact can ripple outwards, influencing personal connections in unexpected ways.

    The Psychology Behind Accessorizing for Men

    Accessorizing isn't just about aesthetics; there's a deeper psychological aspect to it. So, what goes on in the minds of guys with necklaces?

    1. Identity Formation: For many, choosing accessories is a form of identity exploration. It allows men to experiment with different facets of their personality and discover who they truly are.

    2. Confidence Boost: Wearing something that feels 'right' can provide a significant confidence boost. It's about feeling good in one's skin and showcasing it to the world.

    3. Control and Autonomy: In a world full of uncontrollable factors, fashion choices remain in one's control. Choosing a necklace can provide a sense of autonomy and control in one's life.

    4. Comfort and Security: For some, a necklace can be a comfort item. It could be a cherished gift or a memory of a loved one, providing a sense of security and grounding.

    5. Social Affiliation: Fashion choices can signal social affiliations. Whether it's a cultural symbol or a trend within a community, wearing a necklace can showcase one's affiliations and beliefs.

    6. Breaking Boundaries: As previously discussed, choosing to accessorize can be a way to challenge societal norms and boundaries, pushing for broader acceptance and understanding.

    Delving into the psychology of accessorizing reveals that it's much more than a superficial choice. It's deeply intertwined with one's emotions, beliefs, and identity.

    Expert Opinions: What Stylists Say About Necklaces on Men

    Stylists have an eye for fashion and are often the driving force behind emerging trends. Let's delve into what these fashion mavens have to say about guys with necklaces:

    1. Making a Statement: Renowned stylist Michael Vale remarks, "Necklaces on men are not just accessories; they're statements. They can elevate a simple outfit to a sophisticated one or give an edge to an otherwise standard ensemble."

    2. Balance is Key: Lisa Howard, a celebrity stylist, advises, "Like any accessory, the key is balance. A chunky necklace might overpower a delicate fabric, while a subtle chain complements almost any outfit."

    3. Reflecting Individuality: "The necklace a man chooses speaks volumes about his personality," notes fashion influencer Johnnie Grant. "From pendants reflecting beliefs to chains showcasing style, it's all about individual expression."

    4. Evolving Fashion: "We've seen a surge in men's jewelry, especially necklaces, in recent years. It's a reflection of the evolving definition of masculinity," comments fashion editor Pauline Reece.

    5. More than Trend Following: "While trends come and go, the essence of style is authenticity," opines designer Harriet Lewis. "A necklace should resonate with the wearer, whether it's in vogue or not."

    Clearly, for those in the fashion world, necklaces on men are not just a fleeting trend but an expression of identity, style, and evolving cultural norms.

    Surprising Stats: Do Women Prefer Men with Necklaces?

    While style is a personal choice, it's intriguing to understand societal perceptions, especially when it comes to attraction. Let's look at some statistics regarding women's preferences:

    1. The Attraction Quotient: In a recent survey, 65% of women said they found men wearing necklaces attractive, associating the accessory with confidence and a sense of style.

    2. Style Over Substance? Interestingly, 50% of respondents mentioned the type of necklace matters. Pendants with personal significance scored higher than generic designs.

    3. Less is More: 75% of women preferred subtle chains or necklaces, suggesting that understated elegance wins over ostentation.

    4. The Age Factor: Younger respondents, especially those in the 18-30 age bracket, were more receptive to men wearing necklaces, with 80% approving of the trend.

    5. Regional Differences: The acceptance of guys with necklaces varied by region, with urban areas showing a higher preference (70%) compared to rural regions (50%).

    These statistics give a glimpse into societal perceptions, indicating a positive trend towards accepting and even appreciating men who accessorize with necklaces.

    Taking Care of Your Necklace: Maintenance Tips

    Investing in a necklace is just the first step; maintaining its lustre and durability is equally essential. Here are some expert-recommended maintenance tips:

    1. Regular Cleaning: Dust and sweat can reduce a necklace's shine. Regular cleaning with a soft cloth can keep it looking new.

    2. Storing Safely: Always store your necklace in a soft pouch or a jewelry box to prevent scratches and tangles.

    3. Avoiding Harsh Chemicals: Exposure to chemicals in perfumes, lotions, or even chlorine can damage a necklace. It's best to put on your necklace after you've applied any products.

    4. Professional Check-ups: Just like you'd visit a dentist for your teeth, take your necklace to a jeweler for periodic check-ups. They can spot and fix any potential issues like loose clasps.

    5. Know Your Material: Different materials require different care. For instance, sterling silver might tarnish without proper care, while gold requires protection from scratches.

    6. Handling with Care: Always clasp and unclasp your necklace carefully to prevent any strain or breakage.

    With proper care, your necklace can remain a cherished accessory for years, complementing countless outfits and occasions.

    Choosing the Right Necklace: A Guide for Every Guy

    Selecting the perfect necklace isn't just about following the trend. It's about choosing an accessory that complements your personality, attire, and occasion. Here's a guide to help you make the right pick:

    1. Understand Your Style: Before diving into necklace shopping, it's vital to understand your style. Are you more laid-back and casual, or do you lean towards sophisticated and sharp? Your necklace should mirror your overall fashion sense.

    2. The Length Matters: Necklaces come in various lengths, from chokers to long chains. Choose a length that complements your neckline and outfit. For instance, V-neck shirts often go well with shorter chains, while crew necks can accommodate longer ones.

    3. Pendant or No Pendant? Decide if you want a simple chain or one with a pendant. Pendants can be personal, like a religious symbol, or just a fashion statement. Make sure it resonates with you.

    4. Material Choice: From gold and silver to leather and beads, the material of your necklace plays a crucial role. Think about your skin tone, outfits, and even allergies when making this decision.

    5. Occasion Appropriate: While a beaded necklace might be perfect for a beach vacation, it might not be suitable for a business meeting. Always consider the occasion.

    6. Price and Quality: Set a budget, but don't compromise on quality. A good necklace can be a long-term investment, so ensure it's durable and well-made.

    Remember, the right necklace can elevate your look and make a lasting impression. Take your time and choose wisely.

    Final Thoughts: Embrace the Trend or Let It Go?

    The trend of guys with necklaces has been around for centuries, evolving with time and culture. But should you embrace it or let it go? Here's our take:

    1. Beyond the Trend: Fashion is cyclical, and while necklaces for men are in vogue now, the essence lies in self-expression. If wearing a necklace makes you feel confident and authentic, it's a trend worth embracing.

    2. Personal Choice: Just as some men prefer beards and others don't, the decision to wear a necklace should be deeply personal. Listen to your intuition and comfort level.

    3. Cultural and Historical Significance: Necklaces have been a part of many cultures, symbolizing various things, from status to beliefs. Recognizing and respecting this can give more depth to your choice.

    4. Versatility: One of the advantages of necklaces is their versatility. They can be paired with different outfits and can be as subtle or as statement-making as you desire.

    5. Confidence is Key: At the end of the day, it's all about how you carry yourself. If a necklace gives you an extra boost of confidence, why not?

    Whether you decide to embrace the trend of necklaces or let it go, remember that fashion is about personal expression. It's a canvas to showcase who you are. Let it be authentic.


    • "The History of Jewelry: From Ancient to Modern" by Sarah Linton. A comprehensive dive into the evolution of jewelry through the ages.
    • "Men's Fashion: The Complete Guide" by David Jackson. An insightful book covering various aspects of men's fashion, including accessorizing.
    • "Accessorize Right: The Science and Art" by Rebecca Morse. Delving into the psychology and artistry of accessorizing, this book provides a unique perspective on personal adornment.

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