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  1. Hey I actually missed this the other day, thank you for your post. I'm personally convinced it's almost definitely both OCD and Anxiety, but my therapist suggests that's what I want it to be, and the actual truth could be that there's a chance I'm bisexual and I'm trying to become okay with the idea of it.. Either way, whether it's OCD/Anxiety or actually truly bisexual, we're trying to become more okay with the fact it could be a real possibility, and that everything's on a specturm.. It's just been tough for myself to picture myself as a bisexual considering for 26 years I never once had a r
  2. I know that I don't rush those things, hence why I've only had sex with one person lol, thanks though!
  3. But the thing is, i very much do desire to be sexual with women, I think about how much I want it all the time, I just really either don't know what I'm doing due to lack of experience or don't want to pressure the girl into doing things she doesn't want to, it has to be right for both of us, and I have only gotten to that point with a girl once and I didn't really know what I was doing so I didn't get to fully enjoy the experience the way i would have liked to.. The reason I dont have too much motivation to move out on my own right now is because I'm still pretty young, I mean I'm 26, I'm
  4. That's an interesting way to put it. I mean, overall, I'm fairly content with my life. Is it absolutely perfect? No. Not in the slightest. But I'm doing okay for myself. I have two jobs in the career I went to school for, and I'm working towards something bigger and better than both of those. I have a great set of friends I wouldn't change for the world and I love my family very much so. The only things I wish were different about myself were my confidence in myself in general, maybe if I had my own place by now, though it's okay that I don't, I'm still pretty young. if I had more long-term ex
  5. Thank you for your replies, everyone, all of which are very helpful. I don't know why I'm afraid of the chance I could be bisexual. I guess because literally everyone around me isn't, they're either straight or they're gay, and no in between and almost everyone in my area is completely straight, I can count on just over two hands the people I know in real life who are gay, I don't avoid them or anything, one of my closest cousins is a married lesbian and I love her very much as a cousin, it doesn't change the way I think about her. I was always completely straight for my entire life, and all o
  6. Thanks for your reply. I definitely do have some nights where I have more than one dream, usually those I can remember 3 of the dreams.. But I don't remember every detail of all of them. Then there's times like that one I described above where it was just one long dream that felt like I was trying to watch a real life movie about what's going on in my head..
  7. Interesting, thanks for your reply. I mean, I talked to my mother about it like a day or two after it happened too, she knows what I've been going through. I guess maybe it was just a one time thing, and really the answer was anxiety and nothing more? I don't know, Ive just been doing a lot of soul searching lately
  8. That is true, I guess I just have a feeling this is trying to tell me something..
  9. Hey guys. I want to share a nightmare I had with you guys I had two weeks ago, I talked with my therapist about this, and I think the two of us are misunderstanding it. What do you guys think? I'd love some more opinions of this.. Some Backstory: I'm a 26 year old straight male from New Jersey. I've been suffering from HOCD, Anxiety, and Self Doubt about my sexuality for seemingly forever now, but very heavily over the last 2.5 months, it's all I think about. Okay so have any of you seen the Michael Myers Halloween Movies? The ones that are played every year on Halloween night, the guy w
  10. Thanks for your replies, everyone. So A lot has changed since my last post earlier this weekend.. I'm 98% sure I'm straight after this point, and there's maybe 2% chance I Could be bi. I'm now absolutely certain I am not gay, I now know that for a fact. I don't actually stare at men, I don't get crushes on men, I never thought about a certain guy in school or at work, I was always thinking about girls. I don't actually want to be physical with men, and I don't get turned on by men. This is not me denying it. It's the truth. When I was testing the waters over the weekend to see for sure, I matc
  11. My apologies for the double post, but has anyone heard of the term hetero romantic bisexual? It's someone who will only date, and get romantic with people of the opposite sex, which sounds a lot like me, but are sexually attracted to both.. I feel like I might fall into this almost perfectly.. even though I haven't actually tried anything sexual with a man yet. Or I could be hetero-romantic bi-curious.. Meaning I'd only date & marry a women, but I'm curious about the possibility of being bi, only sexually though and not romantically..
  12. To be honest, I don't know. Even at times when I was dating females in the past, I always had these thoughts in the back of my head that I didn't understand, but I feel like I'm starting to now, so I was never 100% happy with everything. Now that I'm starting to get some clarity on this, I feel like I can start to be happy with myself, at least I hope so..
  13. My therapist actually suggested that I could be bi. I’m not 100% sold or sure on that idea but I can definitely admit I’m at least bi curious, if that’s a real thing.. She mentioned everyone around me that I care about the most is very accepting of myself either way (including my parents) what’s it gonna take for me to accept myself either way? That I don’t know. Do I see male to male sex in my future? Most likely not, though it’s not An impossibility or a fear like it once was. At the end of the day, I want to be dating someone who truly likes me for who I am and treats me with respect, which
  14. It looks like he has started to move on after you broke up with him, and it Sounds like you should probably start to move on too. usually when I have a breakup I distance myself from the person I was with, to try and not bring back any feelings. then, over time after I'm completely over the feelings I reach out if I want to be friends or not
  15. Hey guys. I'm a 26 year old male from New Jersey. I've posted here a few times. I appreciate all your help to this point, thank you. I feel a lot better then I did where I started, I think. I believe I could be bi-curious, or possibly just bi or truly straight. I've been strictly straight & had no interest in men or men's bodies for 26 years, so keep that in mind. Lately, I find myself appreciating the look of a man's body more and more, noticing when there are attractive men, and looking at men naked isn't a problem for me, and I've had thoughts about the possibility of doing physical thi
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