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The Best (and Easiest) Text You Can Send To Make Him Like You

You’ve seen other dating coaches’ videos. Here are the FIVE SEXY TEXT MESSAGES THAT WILL MAKE HIM CRAVE YOU. Here are the SEVEN THINGS YOU CAN DO RIGHT NOW THAT WILL BREAK HIS WILL AND FORCE HIM PROPOSE TO YOU WITHIN MINUTES. This stuff is clickbait and you click it and that’s why there are lesser dating coaches with bigger followings and that’s another story for another day. The fact is, there is one simple thing you can do right now that men absolutely love. Stick around and I’ll tell you what

Evan Marc Katz

Evan Marc Katz in Dating

Imago Therapy: How to Communicate Better in Relationships

Imago Therapy - ever heard of it? Learn all about the Imago dialogue and how to communicate better in relationships in this video. I share briefly what Imago Therapy is, and walk you through the three steps of the powerful communication structure of the Imago Dialogue. If you follow the steps exactly as I lay out here, you will be able to communicate successfully, feel heard, and be closer afterwards (not end up fighting). Apply this to your relationships now 🙂  

Monika Hoyt

Monika Hoyt in Marriage

Scapegoat children and narcissistic parents

Scapegoat children are targets for narcissistic parents because they challenge the family system. Scapegoated children tell the truth, they know something is wrong and they are also highly attuned with what is just and unjust. They are punished for not making narcissistic parents look good.  

Lisa A. Romano

Lisa A. Romano in Parenting

Too Unsexy to Date? The Truth About Body Image & Attraction

In this week’s video, my brother Stephen and I dig into a fascinating study in which nearly half of the people surveyed said they would call off a date if they weren’t feeling great about their body that day. We’re not talking about serious body/mental issues here. Think more along the lines of a bad hair day, a prominent zit, or the extra pounds you gained from that holiday weekend. Insecurities like these cause many people to preemptively reject themselves because of something the other person

Matthew Hussey

Matthew Hussey in Dating

8 Habits to Help You Live Your Best Life

How are you really doing? In these trying times, everyone is struggling with something behind the scenes. So, how do we make the most of life knowing the uncertainties? What does it mean to live a full life? How can we achieve this? With the only constant in life being change, here are a few tips to help you live your best life!  


Psych2Go in Personal Growth

8 Early Warning Signs of Mental Illness

Have you been feeling overly anxious lately? Or are you worried that your loved ones might be suffering from a mental illness? If you want to be more informed about the warning signs of a mental illness, here are a few early warning signs of mental illness.  


Psych2Go in Mental Health


For Rich Roll, being unique “Rich” meant feeling out of place. This led him down a road of drug and alcohol abuse and the rat-race of entertainment law. In his early thirties, it all became too much and Rich decided he needed to change. He quit his job, stopped using, and even committed himself to a year of celibacy. He began to rediscover what it meant to be uniquely him.  

Jay Shetty

Jay Shetty in Personal Growth

6 Struggles Only Genuine Empaths Will Understand

Do you often feel what others do? Or understand what people are going through? If so, you might be an empath. Empaths can feel other people’s emotions as if they were their own. Empaths tend to be highly perceptive and sensitive, which makes them some of the most understanding and compassionate people out there. However, there are many drawbacks to being an empath. Curious to learn what these difficulties are? This video might interest you!  


Psych2Go in Mental Health

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