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"depressed dudes don't get any"


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i suppose that was an ok idea from Nifty_Swifty1, just what happens when they find out? about the playing the innocent or injuried party act....it wouldnt be a pretty site


anyway back to the post....in what sense do you mean depressed because some people have different levels to which they say it.

i dont think as much so that you can sense in people that they are depressed, unfortunatley my sister was medically confirmed as such and it felt awful not to acknowledge it.

so what im saying is no its not that simple to know (in my eyes) i dont think that girls will repel from this if they know you as a person anyhow.


and girls dont always go for all smiles on the other hand as sometimes its as if that person is trying to hide something.


al things have their advantages and disadvantages.

hope this helped



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Hey !


The chances are that no body (except for those who know what is going on) has any idea about your unhappiness or depression. Girls who do not know you surely will not know about it - and trying to attribute it to your low scoring is probably not correct. People might sense you are a bit unhappy from time to time, but people are not going to know why ! There are millions of reasons that you could be unhappy - your own insecurity is telling you that everyone knows, but this is not the case.


I myself spent 6 months on Prozac after a split up. People for the first week or two knew there was something up, but after that, nobody knew. I was still depressed, but it is not something that shines out of us so others will know about it.


I personally think you are reading into your situation too much, and possibly looking for sympathy for your depression. You will not get that from people - usually they are afraid to speak about your problems for fear of upseting you.


Are you planning on spending the next year being depressed, or are you going to move on with your life, and stop looking at how the past has done you wrong, and continues to still do so !!!

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I have friends that take care of me. You've taken the rong view of my situation, and I don't know how to explain it to you. You seem to have taken somewhat of an agresive stance, and thats a hard thing to get through once it's taken. I don't want you to think Im jsut some sort of pethedic dope. Somethings take time to learn to deal with, and for me this is one of them. It's no use to try and hide my pain from my friends. They can see right through me, and whats the point of hiding it from people you don't even care about. Thats all that I'm saying. That and this hasn't exactly been repeling people from me.

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Hi Nifty !


Your Topic Title says "Depressed Dudes Don't Get Any"


You are asking can girls see your depression as you have been making it as obvious to them by not covering your feelings. I don't believ eyou are pathetic, but as I already said, people are not as aware of your mental state as you believe they are. It's really that simple. SHort of you wearing a t-shirt sayin "Hey I'm depressed!), these people will not be bearing this in mind 24/7. Your own depression is causing you to think this !! I'm not being aggressive to you, just openly honest and blunt. On the other hand, there is negativity, which I do see in you aswell, and this is a huge relepant to girls. During depression, everything seems down - and negativityu shines out bright. If you are letting this happen, then perhaps that is what is causing your situation.

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