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Can guys change overnight?


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Ok so i'm even more confused than i ever was about guys. I met this guy on saturday night we hit it off e.t.c. and he got my number and i met up with him on the monday and we went out for an hour or so.


I didn't hear from him until i saw him last night in the same club, i spoke to him and he asked how i was e.t.c. and told me to wait where i was and he was going to give his friend his drink, i hung around for about 30 seconds and didn't see him return so i wondered off. We flirted throughout the night and he was chatting to this girl.


When i next saw him he was on his own and i went to say hi, and then the weirdest thing happened he said usually he'd be a complete a**hole and kiss me even though he'd previously kissed this girl who'd he had known for ages and didn't want to seem a complete idiot. But yet he told me he obviousley fancied me and really wanted to kiss me but couldn't, anyway we did kiss and he pulled away this happened twice throughout the night.


I later found out he had also told my friend he did enjoy the date and really really wanted to kiss me but had 'morals' have i just witnessed a guy who realises that maybe being a player sucks or he was trying to be someone he's not by upholding a pretence that he was a decent guy to this girl he'd known for ages? But obviousley failed because he ended up kissing me?

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Hey there! Saw your post and I just HAD to lend ya a hand... Now listen up! Guys can not change overnight... That is impossible, no one can! Not you, not me, not anyone! hanges take their time... If not, we'd all be perfect and we're noty perfect now are we? Well, what can I say? He doesn't even know what he wants. This guy is trying to live the best of two worlds and eventually this'll come to be so bad he'll crumple down. Tell me, would you do these things being in the right state of mind? You seem like a nice and smart girl, don't fall for this trick... This guy is not going to make you happy.

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i dont think anyone can change overnight,but people can DECIDE to change overnight,if that makes sense.

maybe he had these morals all along?it sounds like he did enjoy his date with you,if he's telling other people so.what has he said to you about the date? i think perhaps he was testing the waters a bit to see if you would be upset having him kiss you after he had kissed another girl,which seems reasonable,although you may still be upset that he kissed someone else.was he drunk when he kissed this girl? it sounds to me like he feels guilty about it,otherwise he might have decided to be a jerk and hide it from you.

he might have realised that been a player sucks,and usually people only change in that sort of way when they have found someone that they really like so...lucky you! maybe kissing this girl made him realsie that it was you that he really wanted to get with.

this all sounds pretty innocent to me,just ask him what he wants from you,if its you he really likes and try and get to know him a bit better

good luck


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Yes he was drunk when he did it, but apparently he has known this girl for ages and didn't want to be a complete a**hole by kissing both of us. Even though he told me he really fancied me and told my friend that he really really wanted to kiss me but couldn't because of this other girl judging him!?


It was strange though because i could see him looking at me when he was chatting to other girls and instead of the usual brush off with guys he had his arms around me! He's so confusing!

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