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How should I go about her ex boyfriend being around

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about a month ago i met a girl who i really like and i'm pretty sure that she likes me too. i want to ask her out but there's a problem. her ex-boyfriend is still kind of in the picture. they have a one and a half year old and a 4 month old and he hasn't been around in a long time and doesn't supprt his kids at all. she says that her and her ex aren't going to get back together and i have no problem with her having kids but i don't know how i should go about the ex boyfriend being around. i really like her and this is killing me....please help.

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Hey there, you should talk more to this girl and find out what she really wants. You dont want to be stuck in a love triangle! As for the ex boyfriend you have to believe and trust this girl that there is no point and stuff. Find out why they broke up in the first place. ....... why and what were his reasons for not being around for the kids..


PM me if you wanna elaborate

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