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I think I am going through a nervous breakdown..please help

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My boyfriend and I split up about 2 months ago, and i still haven't gotten fully over him. He was my first real love and I just can't let him go. He is always on my mind. Now that school has started up again, I see him everyday. Rumor has it that he has been messing around with some other girls, but he claims its not true. I know he was with the girl that broke us up in the first place and that really put a strain on me. About a week ago an incident concerning him and my now ex best friend occurred and that set me on the never ending road of depression, jealousy, and hate. I keep getting this knotted feeling in my stomach and I can't stop crying. I always feel like I am going to throw up. Him and I are gonna hang out together this weekend with my new best friend in an attempt to try and get close again, but I don't know if I'll be able to handle it. Whenever I see him I get depressed. Everyone at school says I look like I am always upset or angry. Hearing his name just reminds me of what we had, and how special it was to me. I need help. My health is in jeopardy and I know if I don't do something about it soon it will start to hurt my grades and my social life.

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As hard as it seems, the best thing to do is to stay away from your ex.


I know that it's gut wrenching, epseically if you see each other at school, but you really need to sever yourself from him. Being around him will only make the situation worse, and make it harder for you to move on.


I know that it's tough, especially being in school and juggling everything. But, in the end, life will go on. Maybe you can join a club, or maybe try getting to know different people.


Make new guy friends, but don't pursue a new relationsip, you're not ready for it yet. However, when you get to know other guys, you'll soon realize that there are lots of nice potentials out there, far better than your ex....


Best wishes..

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