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A little about me as usual...

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I am beginning to think that life is hanging on a delicate thread, one change in life can bring about disaster. I realised this luckily when I was in double IT, the lucky thing was that I could not do any thing about it because I had no razor to hand. I have several times considered the art of slashing my wrists and have always managed to talk my self out of it, however today I only saw the advantages of it and I believe it may be profitable to the world if i performed my duties


Ps please do not tell me off over my english

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Well nobody here can stop you from ending your life. You have complete control of what you do so if you feel that is the right thing to do, well I guess that is the easy way out. But I dont think you would be telling us unless it was suppose to be a cry for help. I was once in a suicidal mode. My father had murdered my mother, my father was sentenced to life, my older brother had left the family, and I had just started high school. It was too overwhelming so I said no more. Well I was sent to a mental hospital for a week and they made me see that life really was worth living even though I had lost everything that meant something to me. Now 7 years later I have more friends than I could ever ask for, 2 loving grandparents, a younger brother I help to raise, and my older brother came back to the family. Still working on the girlfriend thing but hey I have to deal with the ex's first . So whenever I say that life is tough and life is not worth living, I always tell myself that I have already been through the worst by burying my own mother (and father). So good things are yet to come! I always tell myself I have nothing to fear since my worst fears have already been dealt with. So hopefully when you say that life is hanging on a string you can look at my situation and remember that some people are probably far worse than you! But now I go to a great college, have my own business, drive nice cars, have lots of people who care about me, and generally I feel pretty good about life. I never would have thought I would be feeling this good 7 years ago. Time will heal trust me.




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No, its just been one of those years and today was especially bad, because I have gained a stalker i am ment to be mentoring which is a major problem, I had a ropugh summer and it seems to be gearing up for an even worse autumn. All this is happening with mates falling out with me willy nilly, however for a week iv had an iner glow which nothing seems to be able to penetrate is almost like im prepared fpr death or even life

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