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I asked for a 2nd Date...no response PART 2


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Well after this happened, I sent her a text message apologizing for my "unauthorized" text messages and calls (I think it came off to me as we're just going to be friends). The day we worked together, she did not act angry or mad at me but I could feel a bit of tension between us. I never did say sorry or apologized in person (well at least not yet), I'm afraid that it would made the whole situation worst. I still like to go out with her and to be involve with her romatically (we really have a lot in common, from music to what we're majoring at in college). Should I back out and let her come to me or should I apologize in person and pursue her?


I bought her a CD (of one of our fave bands), Do you think this would work (Would she forgive me)?

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it sounds to me like she was a lil upset over unauthorized text, but I think she may have liked it as well {I dont know what you said in text message Im just saying} sounds to me like you have a fairly good chance of being with her, the cd will help quite a bit. {assuming she doesnt already have it.} but maybe you should just bring it up or try to turn the conversation that way. if she responds well just say it strait up. if she doesnt just give her a little room and see what happens.

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