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how can i get over her?

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aight i've known this girl for a year i was so in love wit her. we went out we broke up then we were gonna go out again but her parents got in our way. now we agreed we should get over each other. it seems like she is shes going to homecoming wit a junior. im not going at all.how can i get over this girl? this is my first heartbreak. please help


ok and while im here i think im havin some feelings toward my one friend. i dreamt about her last night me her and some friends were at the movies we kissed then started making out. i mean i never saw her that way. does this mean i have some feelings towards her? my friends say i do because i talk about her none stop and always talk to her and always confuse people wit her.i think shes hot, great personality and funny. but i cant imagine her wit a boyfriend. what do u think? please help me out wit both problems thanks!

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