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Help talking to a girl I don't know!


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The is a girl that I was in biology clss with last year, she is a sophmore and i am a junior. We have never talkied to each other before, but she knows who I am. Yesterday, her cousin found out and told her. Her cousin told me she smiled and said "but we have never really talked before" and just smiled. Later the cousin told her that I wanted her screen name, and she said, "but i never really like knew him." That kind of got me down. Every time i walk past her in the hall i get really nervous, and badly want to say "hi" to her, but i never get enough courage to. I really want to get to know her, but i don't know where to start. I hope she doesn't think i'm messed up b/c i wanted her screen name, but don't know her. Can somebody help me!!

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lol.....that "hi" you're so afraid of? CLASSIC first move. Can't get anywhere else if you don't say hello to her first. There's no need to be embarrassed, or shy....just say hello.....from there, you can work up to "how you doing?", etc. There's no time limit on getting to know her, just take it a day at a time and say hello. I think, just THINK, she might even say hi back! Good luck!

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