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how to get bf to be healthier

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my bf is not that healthy of an eater. he won't eat fruits or vegetables beccause he doesnt like them. he's allergic to poultry, & eggs. he loves red meat, like steak. mostly all he eats is macaroni & cheese, ramon noodles, hamburgers, & pizza. he also only drinks sunkist, he hates juice. obvioulsy this isn't exaclty the healthiest way to eat. (he also never exercises. its not like he is fat, because he's not at all, he average.) im not expecting him to only eat healthy food, but im kind of worried about him. i don't know what to tell him, or do about this. i haven't said anything to him about it because i don't want to try to control his ways. i need advice on what i can do...i love my bf more than anything & i know that eating healthy is a good way to stay healthy & thats all i want for him.

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This is a really good topic!! ha! And well, you love him so much so you want his health and heart to be healthy as well!! It is interesting. My g/f is Chinese. And the American man I am, I have been reared on the typical poor American diet. She on the other hand eats a very very healthy diet... Also, true Chinese food is not at all like the Chinese food we eat here. She tells me this is not Chinese food/ this is Chinese American food here. So she eats, stir fry, tofu, greens, fish, and so on, and she is much much healthier than me!!! And she has no fat at all, and I have fat which I am working on getting rid of. My g/f is older than me, so she has a mother streak in her and she politely tells me what is good for me and what is hurting me. At first I did not like that. But then I figured out, that she was always right when it came to such matters.


So, my feeling is this. It depends on your bf. If mothering him drives him nuts then just don't do it, and he will have to figure it out on his own. If he can handle some mothering then so be it, advise him. Here is my best suggestion though on this matter, lead by example. For instance when I offer candy to my gf, she refuses to eat it, or any sugar at all for that matter. Lead by example. You do have a reason to be concerned, he has a poor diet. But here is the deal, practice what you preach. If you are a health nut, and in good shape, he can learn from that. If you preach to him, and you are overweight, it will be hard for him to see your point. My China girl she looks 15 years younger than her age easy, I follow her steps when it comes to diet. She lets me lead on my issues as well, but when I see a woman with no fat at all..... Well, all I can I say folks is they don't eat like we do and that is why they are so thin, and what they eat ain't what you see in your typical Chinese restaurants... fried foods are not part of the diet for them, that's our doing.

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Mmm, Look at it this way, if you two get married, you will probably want to be the one in charge of the cooking in the house, so you will have some control.


I have a similar problem, in that I am not much of a fruit and vegi eater, but I do eat them a little, but to compensate, I dont drink or smoke, I work out and Cycle. I take supplments. and generally watch what I eat.


excercise is so important, even if its just a morning walk, you need to get him used to doing healty things without mothering him.


When you go out together, you choose the restaurant, when you do something together, go for walks together, rent a couple bicycles on the beach etc.


Also set an example, go to the gym yourself, sooner or later he is going to have to watch his health.


One last incentive, buy him a subscription to Mens Health magazine!! you dont have to tell him to be healthy, this magazine will be reminding him every month.!!.

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