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How should I get over it? HELP!

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I was in love with a guy for almost 1 year and he was supposley to be in love with me.

We didn't go out cause he lives in Canada anbd I live somewhre else, so distance was our main problem.

We used to talk a lot in MSN and he sometimes called me on the phone and we talked. He always was telling me sweet things and he always ask my friends for me.

We used to meet every December cause my whole family knows his family and we spend christmas together. He evn told my grandmother he was going to get married with me cause he loved me very much. I'm 15 and he's 18 and we used to love each other a lot.

But today I found out he had a girlfriend but if he said he loved me so much and he told that to my friends why did he did this to me? I never told him I loved him but I always sent him indirects about it. He told one friend of mine that he loved his girlfriend and he told one of my friends he still loved me but it couldn't work cause of the distance.


Does he still loves me or he just want to have me there suffering for him? Is he using his gf to forget about me? WHAT SHOULD i DO? HELP!!!

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He probally does love you, or like you a lot a lot, but distance is hard, and to deal with it he might just be going out with someone else that he also likes. it is a sticky situation that you have hear, but there is always a happy ending, and if it isnt happy, then it isnt the end. Remember that!-* and good luck!

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Hi There!!!!!


Most of us have experienced similar situations. I know for a fact that distance relationships does work if the individuals really want it to. I am not going to tell you if he loves you or not, that's not for me to say.


However, i can say that men will use you for their own pleasure if they know they can. Even if you do love him, assess how he is treating you and decide if that is how you want to be regarded. Love is pure and it is true ..... and if his love is not then you should question whether it is love.


I'm sure you are a beautiful person and you deserve better and will get better if you stand for what you believe.


Cry if that is what will make you feel a little better but move on girl!



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