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Painful Akwardness


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Ok back to this girl I like- I asked her last Wednesday to go swimming with her online- it wasnt forced or anything like that. She just said she was doing something with some kid and said "I dont think so" then with an unhappy face at the end and signed off. The uneasiness of this might've played into the akwardness we have now. We haven't "talked" online, on the phone, or in person since then.


When we pass by, she either looks at me or looks away or I look at her and look away. Even sometimes it seems like she hides from me by talking with her friends when she usually walks by herself. There is this uneasiness caused by that one moment on AOL IM. I have waited for almost a week now and she hasnt been online. Should i resort to calling her to calm things down or talk to her in the hallway about the issue? If so, what do I say? "Hey its ok if u signed off so and so-"


I have no clue.


Help out the inexperienced fool one more time

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It's the worst feeling in the world knowing that you aren't talking to the girl you care about. You wish you could go back in time and change what you said. For starters, it wasn't a good idea that you said what you did to her. Basically, you called her a liar and signed off because you were upset. However, I think the best thing to do is approach her and apologize. Tell her that you screwed up and how badly you feel for doing so.


Good luck.

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