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A Stripper at my Surprise Birthday party

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What does it mean when a husband hires a guy to strip at a birthday party. My sister's couldn't come because of their husbands and a lot of my friends couldn't either. They asked me why would a husband want a stripper at his wifes birthday party. (it was a all girls party, no husbands).

Now I don't don't know what to think. Please help me to understand. Thanks for your time and advice.



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I think HE thinks that you will do the same for him on his birthday.......or, he has already been to the strippers, and when he gets busted, he can say, it's no big thang....look you had one at your birthday.


That's all I can think of would be it. he is for sure sending you some kind of message, like it's ok to entertain the thoughts of another person. It's leading to something I think, because most guys I know wouldn't do that out of ego reasons.


Hope that helps a little. I would ask him more questions.



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