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How can u tell really?


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i been really troubled about this girl lately...i like her but i dunno what to say or do to catch her attention, to give her the impression i like her. Shes a good friend of mine and she always wave and smile at me when i see her at school.. but shes a friendly type person in which she does it to everyone......


anywaz i just need some advice on how to give her the impression i like her by saying stuff or doing.... thx

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try asking her to a movie... or maybe even a more creative date. She's your friend, so she'll probably go with you wether she likes you or not, and it will give you time alown with her to show her that you like her. Just don't push it. If she acts like she not into you or uncomfortable stop, but if she just lets things go like its natrual then ask for a second date.

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Ooh... tough one. I have the exact same prob ('cept with a guy) and I have no clue what to say. My advice isn't to ask her out (even though I would totally love that if I was her, lol, but I could never do it to my guy...)


So, what'd I do is get one of your mutual friends to tell her that you think she's cool, and you want to talk to her at such and such time, such and such place (after whatever class you have together?)


Or you can just ask her out, girls LOVE getting asked out, even if they say no, because it makes them feel loved. So don't worry, even if she says no and thinks you are the most disgusting being to walk the earth (which is doubtful) then you've still made her day.

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