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After 2 yrs of dating, she said that we moved to fast


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I met this girl at work, dated a couple of times and all of a sudden we fell in love. We spent every minute together. About a week or two before she went away to school. we found out that we going to have a child, i told her my stance on the suituation and we decided the best solution was to have an abortion. This was the worst mistake. The first year away at school was great we talked all the time, never fought. It was great. We talked about getting married and having kids all the time. WE had are kids name picked out, talking about moving in together.She came back home during the summer and that is when things fell apart, we argured all the time and I had a fall out with her family. Her family loved me, then all of a sudden they disowned me. Over the summer she came to me and told that we need to break up, i took it in stride. A couple hours later she called me up and said that it was the biggest misstake in her life to hurt me this way. so i took her back and about a month later She went back to school for her second year. All of a sudden she tells me that she is to young to talk about marriage and having kids. I brought up letters she wrote to me about it and she said that her feeligs changed. One night she told me that when i was going out with my friends i met someone that i am attracted to because he reminds me of my ex. The thing is her ex cheated on her and treated her like crap. She then tells me that she is confused and needs to figure things out in her life. She told me that i a great person who makes her feel like a princess and does not want to hurt me. Why do girls seem to always be attracted to assholes who treat them like shit. The thing that confuses me is that she calles me everyday, tells me she loves and whats to know what i did in the day. I need some help here. my

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Its going to take some time to heal and you will feel down, sad, lonely, etc. That is what basically happens when a human being loves then they get there heart broked. I really wish that things didn't have to be this way but that is the way that it is. Eventually you will get tired of caring for her because she doesn't seem to care that much for you. I wish you the best of luck

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