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Advice. i dont know what i want

Confused One

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I recently got married and basically i think i love him but he doesnt give me the attention and love that i thought he would and i happen to be muslim , and so is he but i am more modern then he is .... and i recently came back online and started chatting to guys, and it seems im looking for attention im scared and confused i dont know what i want ...


i have told my husband im scared that i will cheat on him and he says i know u wont... blah blah blah



but i know i will should i leave him before i cheat on him on the physical? meaning i have been talking to some guys flirting and what not on the net... and phone but not in person yet... i will be going out of town to visit family this weekand and this is where i think ill fall into cheating



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First off, I am not Muslim but I get the feeling it has nothing to do with that. I also don't know much about the Muslim religion so I could be saying this out of ignorance.


Ask yourself and even write it down... why would you wan to cheat on your husband. You said it was partially becasue of a lack of attention. Have oyu told him about this. Have you even plain out asked him for some more? You probably feel that your husband is ignoring your concerns, right? The only thing I can think of for you to do is talk tohim until you eyes turn blue. If that still doesn't work and you are convinced that you will cheat on him... I would say then, and only, then divorce him. A t least that way you will have a clear concsience leaving the marriage and maybe even remain friends. Don't give him a leg to stand on as far as being "the bad guy". This sounds terrible but in this way you at least can say you tried, right?

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if you feel like you want to be with someone who will give you all the attention you need, end the the relationship with your husband first.

talk to him and explain how you feel and what you want from him.

if you feel like he wont give it to you and you wont be happy, end it.

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