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The Loner


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A clique is a clique,

It helps distinguish from the freaks.

Working as a collective,

So no one feels rejected.

Except for the ones off standing to the side.


But what of the freaks

Who form their own cliques.

To stand within a group of their own

They become accepted as a former rejected

Thinking and standing as one.


So now we have the cliques

And the cliques of the freaks,

All serving as distinctive groups.


But what of the ones,

Who only stand as their ones.

A group all on their own,

Just consisting of one.


They stand off to the side,

Out of sight, out of mind.

Just hoping to stay out of the way.


Making subtle efforts,

To gain entry through the centre,

And join into a group that they may call their own.


Hoping for a hand,

Of guidance, to understand,

Instead of the backs outside the circles.


But as you keep trying,

The sting of rejecting becomes confiding,

And becomes all that you know.


And with each passing step

Of failed attempts,

You realize you’re what you’ve feared all along.


You’re not in a group,

A clique, or a gang

You’ve inherited the name,

The one of shame.


You are the loner,

A group all to your own.

And all you see are the backs,

Now, even your own.

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Nice. It is very seldom that you hear about the fact that the "weirdos" can be just as bad as the "populars" and the only real difference is their clothing/music choice. I guess that's because it's something I've actually experienced first-hand.


I've always liked this quote: "To be a non-conformist like us, you must wear the same clothes as we do and listen to the same kind of music".


Very interesting. Keep 'em coming.

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