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GUYS : Is he playing hard to get or have i been rejected?


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Ok so maybe i jumped into the dating pool so soon after my ex but i felt an attraction to this guy which i've never felt before! I met him in a club and my friend deserted me so he looked after me the whole night and took me back to his so i could wait for her. And then my friend called so he walked me down to her house and back up to get her and ordered us both a taxi home and got my number.


He sent me a SMS the next day asking if my friend was alright because she was upset the night before. And then yesterday i got a call from him asking if i wanted to go to the races with him and he'd call. So i waited and he didn't so i did and he said he'd just arrived and to walk along.


His body language was mixed and he was with two friends one i vaguely knew and another i didn't know at all. He asked me if i was going out that night i said no at first and then he said again 'so your not going out tonight then?' and i said maybe. Anyway it eventually turned out he'd call me! And guess what no call! So i sent an SMS saying i might be meeting with a friend later and was the club free entry? No reply!


The date seemed to be fine he asked me what i was up to for the rest of the week i said nothing and he said something about travelling up to London but he might come back imbetween (after i'd said i was free all week)


Have i just looked rejection straight in the face!? Or is this 'playing hard to get!?'

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