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A follow up to my last topic (I want my ex-gf back)

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First I would like to thank those who responded. It was a great help. I deeply miss her. She always used to tell me to look at the bigger picture that all this is for the greater good. Deep down inside I truly feel that we were meant to be and that we will get back. Lately, we've been kinda drifting cuz of this new guy and when she doesn't call or her and I don't really talk, my mind starts to work over time. I start getting jealous and worrying that she's talking to him late at night or that she's with him. I know that as soon as she broke up withthe guy after me I saw it as an oppourtunity to get back together and I kinda was putting too much effort but I know that the time is not right. What can I do to not worry so much?

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