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Im really scared about uni, what happens when...............


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hi all,

ok im going to uni next week 22nd and im REALLY SCARED, because of 2 REASONS. 1)i didnt get a hall within the uni campus, and because of there crappy system they had me wating till last wednesday as i was put on a waiting list. so becuase of that i had to look for private rented accommodation and found a flat but the rent was ssssooooo exspensive £135per week, and my mum is now a widow so thats alot for her to manage, so i dropped out and told the estate agents that i wud commute (and the only reason why my mum reluctantly agreed to paying was becoz of the distance to my uni apprx 8mins!,but the area Hackney is a crazy place for a young woman of 18) of which will mean me waking up at 6 in the morining to get to my uni for 9.30am on the dot, plus the traveling time in total takes around 2hours and thats making sure there arnt any delays.......god it gets annoyin and the 2)im worried that by commuting i will miss out massively on the "student experince", and this bothers me ALOT as i am a peoples person.


cud anyone tell me what im gonna expect, possible people who had/have commuted to uni for periods of an hour back and forth?

im really worrried about this whole thing, i mean will freashers week be any good?or is this my dead end, will i be spending the next 10months in hell, and also is it easier to commute or rent with ohter students,





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