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Husband Depressed, But Says Decision to Divorce is Good


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My husband of 6 years wants a divorce. He says he loves a woman he met online in June of this year; they talk non-stop. He says he does not love me and does not want to reconcile. He told me last week that he gets something from her that he didn't get from me; however, he couldn't tell me what it was.


Anyway, he told me last week that he was setting me free from spending the rest of my life with a "Mentally screwed-up basket case." Yet, he says he's making the RIGHT decision about divorcing me. I don't understand. How can someone make this kind of decision if they are not thinking clearly?

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your husband is confused at the moment. what he is thinking now maybe is right for him. how about you? do you also want divorce? are you happy for his decision? if you are not happy for it then do something while you can. this kind of situation is still salvageable. make an effort in saving your relationship.

sometimes mans decision is very hard to break. but youve got to make an effort in doing so. well, if this effort will not be effective i think we cant do anything about it. that what i tell you MANs decision is strong. when it comes to this man will always say their decision is right. im speaking for myself coz im also a man. but when we are blinded with bad reasons we somehow fight for that reason. i think this is also true to women. so, whether your husband is right or wrong, i know he is very wrong, we cant do anything else when he makes up his decision. we just have to hope against hope. but before anything else try doing somehting very effective in saving your relationship.

to tell you frankly i just finished solving mine...my wife did the best job of all. she is the most wonderfull wife i know. i was in love with a 16year student of mine...but she my wife did the best. so, make something very effective...your own way of doing it is the best for your situation.

Becky, God bless......save your marriage...you can do it....


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