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Should I go for it even tho it'll ruin my reputation??

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i have like this girl for 6 years already. im a bi and i dont know if she's is one too. who knows? i have a bf and she does also, but it doesnt mean she's competely straight. should i tell her how i feel about her. i know i have NO CHANCE with her. ABSOLUTELY NO CHANCE. NADA! but should i? she's really popluar and if i tell her, im afraid it'll ruin my reputation cause im still in the closet about my sexuality. if you were me, would you tell her? please answer.

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I agree.....better to keep your feelings to yourself, especially if you know you don't have a chance in hell. There's no sense in ruining things for yourself when she's got a boyfriend, is popular, and would most likely make you the laughingstock of the school/workplace/wherever you two are. Not to mention your b/f's feelings...does he know about this? If not, how do you think he'd feel about it? I would definitely suggest keeping this under your hat until you can find a safer place to meet other bisexuals/lesbians, clubs and such.

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