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Want to go to sleep forever!!!

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Well my weekend sucked! I'll give you a break down of Saturday.


9:15am I am awoken by my parents fighting. I can hear my mother tell my father not to come over to move his stuff out of the house while she is home.


9:30am I get to the CHP to have my car inspected but they are closed till 10am so I decide to go to the cell phone store to replace my phone which broke the night b4.


9:40am I get to the cell phone store which has gone out of business.


9:42am I try to get on the freeway to head back to the CHP but the on ramp is closed


9:50 I try to get off the freeway to go to the Chp but the off ramp I need is also closed for construction.


11am I meet my father for lunch and have to tell him why I am pissed about his divorce.


11:30-5:15pm I am at work (need I say any more?)


8pm I meet up with friends for a birthday party, and miss the de la hoya fight so I am kinda upset.


12am We make it to the bar, and what do I see??? My ex gf's best friend. She and my ex are from Oregonand still live there, and I live in LA so what are the odds of this? She comes and talks to me, and tells me how good I look. But as tempted as I was to ask about Lindsy, I just smile and walk away.


12:15pm I feel even crappier than 10 minutes before hand and tell my friends that I am leaving the bar after guy spills candle wax all over my clothes


2am I return to the bar to find that my friends left me because they thought I meant I was going home. Really I meant I was going for a walk but would be back


2:05 am My cell phone battery dies, and I now find myself stranded downtown.


3:15 I finally get a hold of my friend and he comes to pick me up


4am He finally comes to pick me up


4:15am We get back to his house, and I crash for the night.


2pm the next day I finally get a ride back to my house, and from that point on I just want to go to sleep forever. I hate my life!!!! Why did I have to see lindsy's friend, that just made my heart hurt 1000 times worse than it did b4. I hope she tells her what she told me at the bar "that I looked really really good, and very very happy" Do you think she will tell her that? Did I mention that life sucks

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Hey Kantore!

You really had a bad day

But it doesn't mean your life sucks. We all have bad days like those, luckily they are only few. Remember that life also has happy moments, which are more than days like the one you had.

Don't worry bout that. I just had a terrible week (last one), but I won't let it take me down.

Enjoy the happy moments of life.

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